“A reason to cheer…”

Today’s been a fairly good day, in spite of having to go to the dentist, as well as the snow we got–I think all total, we’re only supposed to get 2 inches, which is a LOT better than the 4 they were predicting when I went to bed last night! And I got a very awesome and unexpected gift this morning:

And inside:

And best of all:

I can’t wait to open it. When we came home from the dentist/running errands, we discovered packages on the porch. I didn’t open all of them, but I did open one. And thanks to my dad, I will now be ordering those Vans after I finish this blog entry.

Inside one of the boxes was some treats my mom & sister sent me:

It was nice to have some treats from home. My sister sent more chocolate:

Chocolate-covered pretzels are in the snowman tin. That was very nice of my sister. I actually cooked dinner this evening–The chicken & rice, although I neglected to take pictures. And I was lazy–We’ve been watching Futurama this evening so I didn’t make the sugar cookie dough yet. Luckily, Dana’s aunt’s recipe doesn’t need to be refrigerated overnight, so I’ll just use that. I do hope tomorrow goes quickly–4 hours doesn’t seem like much, but I’ll be anxious to get home and get all my other stuff ready to go for Christmas morning!

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