“Come along with me, step into Christmas…”

At around 11 last night, I finally got everything wrapped & under the tree.

The bambino was especially excited to see the Joker’s Hideout under the tree–It’s the one thing he’s actually been asking for this year. He got a lot of other things, mainly divided into 3 categories: Superheros, Star Wars, and dinosaurs. He had enough stuff that after awhile I had to keep reminding him that there was more for him to open!

My mom decided that it needed to be a very Longaberger Christmas for Jay & I (okay, me–As it’s all stuff I want–He doesn’t care about kitchen decor or gadgets), which was just fine with me:

These match my deep dish pie plate. I do kind of like the fact that Longaberger isn’t as popular out here as it is back home–Although I was somewhat pleasantly surprised that Jay’s Aunt Rhonda is familiar with Longaberger. We have the same travel mug, but in different colors.

New trivets. I have one that I hung over my stove after we moved into the house, but I think I’m going to move it, and hang these both up over the stove.

I think I’d bugged my mom about this paper towel holder since last year, when I got the wrought iron salt & pepper caddy, as well as the napkin holder. They’ve apparently been discontinued, but my aunt (who’s a Longaberger rep) managed to find one. Hooray!

When I talked to my mom this morning, I told her about unpacking a box with scads of coffee mugs in it, and quite frankly, I’m running out of room for all of them! I like to collect them, though.

I made breakfast, although because I was up so late wrapping presents (I blame Jay for watching new Futurama episodes last night, which made my blogging take that much longer, which made me start wrapping later than I wanted), I didn’t make the breakfast casserole I’d originally planned on. I just did sausage & French toast, which the bambino snarfed up. I was impressed that not only did he eat his usual 4 pieces of sausage, but he also ate an entire slice of French toast. I haven’t seen him clean his plate in a long time (that’s something we never force on him–I prefer him to eat until he says he’s full).

I should get working not only on tonight’s dessert (a Chocolate Truffle Cake that I’ve been wanting to make for years now–I had to conquer my fear of the springform pan first though!), but the dinner rolls, and some laundry (new pajamas were also part of the Christmas festivities this morning). I also need to rearrange my counters a bit, to make room for all my new wrought iron goodies!

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