“$0.86 in these pockets of mine…”

Awhile ago, Jay started a savings jar–We had a bunch of leftover Mason jars from my attempt at vinegar peppers. I don’t remember where we got the idea for it, but Jay’s saved up quite a bit. I, on the other hand, have a bit less:

A whole 86¢. Granted, what money I did have in there for about 48 hours ended up going towards my new Vans, if/when they ever ship. However, we’re going to need every little bit we can get our hands on. At least once each winter, something goes wrong with our furnace. This year, it happened today, although I suspect it started Thursday, possibly Friday. I heard it make a louder-than-normal noise, but I didn’t think too much of it, since it kicked on again. And until this morning, it was working fine. Making odd noises, but the thing is 60 years old. Yeah. This morning when I came downstairs to get ready for work, I noticed it was considerably colder than the 68° I usually keep the thermostat set at. We suspect that the blower is slowly dying. Thankfully, Jay works with some awesome people, and one of them popped by the house & got the furnace going again, but he warned that more than likely, at the very least we’re looking at a new blower, if not a completely new furnace. It isn’t anything new to us–We’ve known since we looked at the house that this day was going to come. So I drew up a tentative budget for us, that will hopefully result in us being able to get a new furnace by the fall. It will mean some serious belt-tightening, and very few extras or treats, but if we can start next winter with a new furnace, it will be a relief to Jay & I both.

Today was kind of crappy overall. Jay had to be at work by 5 this morning, which meant the bambino & I were on our own. Normally, that’s fine, but all little things that could be messed up were. I had a bad hair day, which normally I don’t care that much about–I don’t like to look like a total slob when I’m at work, but at the same time, I do try to pretty myself up a bit. However, my fine, flat hair decided this was a good day to just go completely limp & lifeless. Sort of the icing on the cake–Or at least until I realized that I left my coffee cup here at home, didn’t have time to stop for a cup like I’d originally planned, and ended up being 5 minutes late this morning. Ugh! It was before lunch time that Jay emailed me with the news that the furnace was working again for the time being, but the day was already ruined by that point.

After work, we swung through the store–Jay had requested Mexican of some sort for dinner sometime this week, and had suggested tacos, since enchiladas & I don’t always get along. We had to get the shells & some cheese (I have cheddar I could’ve shredded myself, but I’m feeling lazy & just drained today):

It’s not much, but they were pretty good. I should’ve used the taco sauce that I already had here at home instead of what came with the kit–It didn’t have enough of a kick for my liking. No matter.

I did find a few treats in my mailbox, though, that made the day a little brighter. Free chips:

Now…If I can just find them somewhere here in Brookings…! And some reading material, for the next day or two:

My cousin Julie is awesome, and got me a gift subscription to it last year–And I renewed it for 2 more years, so I’m good until 2013! I’m glad this showed up before I went grocery shopping…I’ve got a list started, and I’m thinking that this will be a last hurrah of sorts. Part of the overall budget for next year is to go back to the $40/week grocery budgets I attempted back in the fall. So maybe I’ll find some good inspirations or new recipes to try out!

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4 Replies to ““$0.86 in these pockets of mine…””

  1. Ah the perils of homeownership! I feel you since we bought our home just 6 years ago we’ve had to replace our heater, A/C and windows. It sucks but the piece of mind once you have the new stuff is so nice. Good luck with your savings!

    • If it ain’t one thing, it’s another! I’d love it if we could replace windows first, but there’s no way we’d survive these harsh winters without some heat. Furnace next year, maybe the year after that, we can think about new windows. Or a new garage!

  2. Hi, Rachel. It looks as if you enjoyed your Xmas. Has Brookings been freezing and snowy?

    The $40/week challenge is intriguing. I can’t imagine how difficult that is for three people in this day. Food prices are, overall, higher in Canada, and virtually nothing goes on sale at the three small island food stores. However, I still can’t imagine an average of $160/month on food, so good for you!

    All the best for 2011,


    • Hi Dan! Oh yes, Brookings has been cold & we’ve got close to a foot of snow on the ground. I consider us lucky this year, in that we got socked with a Christmas Day blizzard last year, which dumped 11 inches on top of whatever we already had! However, we’re “warming” into the mid-20s for the next couple days, which is actually kind of nice!

      $160/month IS pretty extreme…especially with one of the 3 of us still in diapers. I did have some fun with it before–Just to see if I could actually make it work and all. But now, it’s looking like it’ll be more a reality than a game, if we want a new furnace next fall!