“And see the sun in wintertime…”

I’m up & ready for work rather early this morning. Which is surprising, since I had trouble falling asleep last night–It was around 11 before I finally zonked out. Part of it was the fact that I’m mildly concerned about getting the bambino to & from daycare, and tomorrow’s weather forecast. Insert-Kif-Kroker-like-exaggerated-sigh-here. This is why I question my decision to move to SoDak every winter. Six years, and while I can deal with the bitter cold (you get used to it, believe it or not), I despise the snow levels.

The other reason I had trouble falling asleep is because I was rather wound up when I went to bed. Almost as soon as I finished eating dinner (I called George’s before I left work, so we could pick up a pizza), I headed out to run errands, after meeting up with Allison, Melissa & a few other people for a drink. I stayed a lot longer than I planned to, but it was nice to get out for awhile. I even tried fried green beans for the first time–And they were good! I suppose almost anything is edible or tolerable if it’s been deep-fried, but these really were tasty. And (this would cause my dad to keel over from shock) I even dipped them in ranch dressing, and thought they tasted better after dipping! I’m not usually a fan of ranch dressing–I don’t care for its flavoring, and I much prefer drizzles of vinegar & olive oil on my salads than drowning them in creamy dressings. But on the fried green beans, it was pretty good.

Once I left O’Hare’s, I headed off to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things.

I also discovered the new location of the Brookings Sally Beauty Supply store, which I am very excited about. It figures that I have to cap our spending right before this place opens. I’m sure I’ll find excuses to venture in there…My hairspray & makeup won’t last forever!

Once I was done at Dollar Tree, I popped into Hy-Vee to do a massive grocery shopping stock-up (before going back to $40/week trips). I got a bunch of meat:

Tonight I’ll divide up that bulk package of pork chops with the help of my Seal-A-Meal. The hot dogs are for the bambino’s birthday dinner. He requested those, with tater tots, and an Ice Age cake. I forgot to order his cake, though. Oops! I’ll see if I can do it online or if all else fails, they only need about 24 hours to get it done–If we go to Jay’s parents for Sunday dinner, we can swing over there when we’re done.

I also cleaned Hy-Vee out of what Fage they had:

I sometimes feel a little guilty about doing that, but at the same time, I don’t. If I’m there, I have the money, and it’s in stock, I will buy it. If Hy-Vee ever stops carrying it, I will be devastated. I don’t think I can ever go back to regular yogurt now.

I got more pantry items too:

Wheat Montana is about the best flour I’ve ever used. I’ve gotten the most consistent bread-baking results since I started using them exclusively. I also got a jar of Amy’s Marinara although I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with it. I also got a monster-sized canister of rolled oats, so I can make baked oatmeal over the weekend. Had I not gotten home so late, I might’ve made it last night. Because it’s supposed to be horrifically winter-ish tomorrow, I may even make it tonight.

And I picked up some produce too:

After our glut of tomatoes over the summer, I’ve been spoiled on supermarket tomatoes. However, ever since I watched Jamie Oliver make a breakfast involving some tomatoes, eggs, bacon & toast, I have a thing for eggs with tomatoes. And my latest issue of Every Day Food had a few frittata recipes in it, one of which involves cheddar cheese & grape tomatoes. We’ll be eating a lot less meat over the next year, although Jay doesn’t mind if a meatless meal involves eggs.

And even though the bambino’s already up, dressed, and playing Star Wars with the new droids Jay gave him last night, I still need to get myself some breakfast & get us ready to tackle the icy roads. Time to break open a cup of that Fage!

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