“Tonight, I’m going to tell you about the Juice Loosener.”

Thankfully, I don’t have to go through this if I want fresh OJ:

Thanks again to Breville, I can make juice much easier.

Yes, that is a plastic grocery bag in the pulp collector (a recommendation per the instruction manual). The bambino had been begging for some OJ, so we got to work. I got out approximately 2 lbs. of oranges:

The worst part of all of it was peeling the oranges. I should get myself one of those plastic orange-peelers I’ve seen people at work occasionally using. I was surprised at how quiet the juicer was–Not quite “whisper quiet” but not nearly as loud as I was expecting. We got our juice though:

I know it looks more like this:

But I’d already filled the bambino’s cup before I remembered I should take a picture!

I dunno if I had really good/bad oranges or what, but this stuff tasted SO much better than any OJ I’ve ever bought at the store. More sweet than tart, which I liked. While I love citrus in general, if I drink OJ, it’s usually too tart for my liking, and I almost never finish a full glass. This stuff reminded me a lot of some squeezed-at-home OJ I had the last time I was in Florida.

Since we’re having a bake sale tomorrow (it’s to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation), I got to work last night on some stuff. I made brownies, then set my bread machine up so that I had some dough ready about 30 minutes after I got up this morning. I even bagged the brownies, in the hopes of selling more:

I was debating on keeping one of my loaves of bread, but since I said I’d bring two, I will take them both to work tomorrow.

I made granola bars too, but didn’t photograph them. The hardest thing I had to do was to put together the Nutella sandwich cookies I also made:

That was a bit of a pain. But very well worth it, because they taste so good! And I needed something to keep my mind off the weather that’s about to slam into us:

There’s a big winter storm firing up at the moment. Bah! I’m really hoping and praying it misses us, or fizzles out. Especially because I’m trying to get a group of us together to go out for dinner and to see “Black Swan” tomorrow night. I know I said the other night that I was going to stop eating out so much, but with all I’ve been doing today. I opted for pizza tonight:

Along with some boneless wings and cheese bread. I also still have to make the cinnamon rolls as well as fold a load of laundry & put it away, but I’m almost thinking that I might just go to bed now, and make them up in the morning. As long as I actually get up when my alarm goes off, I’ll have them done in plenty of time.