“Happy birthday to me…And to you…”

Unless you’re not observant (like I sometimes am), you’ll notice I changed my theme again. I do that sometimes. When I was still at Blog-City, I would change my theme every couple months. Not that I didn’t like my previous theme–I just felt that since it’s a new year, as well as this blog’s 1-year anniversary, some change would be good. I’ve actually kept a consistent blog from July of 2004 (it began as a chronicle of my move to SoDak & a way for my family to know I was still alive & kicking) until now, but last year, I made the jump first to WordPress.com (somewhat inspired by my blog-friend Sacha & her move away from crappy Blog-City), then a few months later, to WordPress.org, whereupon I bought my own domain. So here I am. I haven’t uploaded my old BC entries yet, and quite frankly, I probably never will. Most of it is due to sheer laziness on my part. Part of it is that I kind of feel like that chapter of my life is done–It’s not really who I am these days. I have a monster file with all my archives, as there are a few entries that I would like to keep–My trip to Vegas with Kendra, my wedding, the bambino’s birth announcement, my thoughts after my grandfather’s funeral. But most of it, like most of this blog, is my rambling gibberish nonsense, just about stuff other than food or grocery shopping!

Moving on…I was debating yesterday while at work (because I had 8 very long painful hours in which to contemplate “the world we live in & life in general”–quick: name that tune!) on whether or not to do a 2010 recap, but then I realized today’s my blogiversary, so I figured I might as well just wait, and take care of it today. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think anything fabulous or exciting happened last year. I have a few memorable moments:

I got a few other fun perks, especially once I joined Foodbuzz. I’ve made a lot of new blog friends, like Dan (whose post on Chicago-style-Deep-Dish Pizza is the inspiration for our dinner tonight), Jenny (whose shoe collection I covet, along with most of the desserts she makes) and Dawn (I really admire her savings discipline). I’ve also kept in touch with or reconnected with some old blog & real-life friends. And along the way, I’ve come across a lot of new foodie blogs that I think are pretty cool, and even some ones I started off reading but no longer do. That’s the nature of blogging for ya, I guess.

And this being primarily a food blog, I should maybe post some food pictures before I move on to unloading my dishwasher or starting up some laundry. When I checked the weather about an hour or 2 ago, we were under a blizzard warning. We got dumped on yesterday, although not nearly as bad as places up north. Even still, it was crappy for pretty much all of yesterday. I ended up hitching a ride with Melissa, as I’d originally planned on just walking to work. I’m glad I didn’t, as this is how it looked when we left the bank at 5:

Okay, that’s just from the inside of her car. Even still, it’s crappy out today. I ended up taking some Vitamin D with my breakfast.

That’s from around 7:30/7:45 this morning. The sun has since come out, but the winds have kicked up, and it’s bitterly cold. Jay said something last night about trying to start shoveling out, but I think he’s better off waiting till tomorrow, so the winds have a chance to die down.

The night before last, I opted to go ahead and try my hand at some baked oatmeal.

Talk about good timing….I preheated the oven, and popped it into the oven right before I hopped in the shower. It was done basically as soon as I was ready for work! I had another bowl this morning, while the bambino played Star-Wars-Meets-Ice-Age underneath the dining room table.

And talk about filling…I have yet to be able to finish a bowl. I suppose I should cut the portion sizes a little differently the next time I make it.

I also suppose I should get cracking on the kitchen and/or the laundry. I do not anticipate leaving my house at all for the next 48 hours, although if Jay digs us out today or tomorrow, we’ll probably end up having Sunday dinner with his folks. We’ll have to dig out by Monday, though, since Jay & I will have to go back to work, and a certain little someone will be celebrating his 3rd birthday!

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8 Replies to ““Happy birthday to me…And to you…””

  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday too to the blog! Wow, a year! It goes by so fast doesn’t it.
    I love your site, I love the changes and I love the ramblings. I love that we can blog about food one day, shopping the next, and or nothing as well. That is what blogging is all about. Sharing!
    Your oatmeal looks awesome. I am afraid of my oven because it has been burning…everything!
    Thanks for the mention friend and come by later to see me cut up some credit cards! LOL
    Off to a first meeting for coffee, so already doing well on one of my resolutions.

    • Thanks! it really doesn’t seem like it’s been a year at all! If you get your oven working, you should try the baked oatmeal. I debated on topping it with some nuts & Fage this morning, but just went with some warmed-up milk. Delish! Cutting up credit cards, eh? I’ve got a little ways to go before I’m up for doing that! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi, Rachel. Happy 2011 and “blogoversary” (while I’d beat you by a week, I’d never blogged before – so you’re well ahead!).

    Do let me know how the pizza turns out. I am making it again today, after having not done it over Xmas due to food-overload….



    • Hi Dan–I’m about to prep my mise en place, so I’ll let you know what I think once all is said & done! Happy New Year!

    • Thank you Gabriela–and Happy New Year to you too! :) If you like oatmeal at all, I say give the baked oatmeal a try. It’s really good!

  3. Congrats on a year! I love reading your stories and I don’t even consider myself a foodie. You have inspired me to break out of my blogger.com and perhaps purchase my own domain and take this puppy somewhere. Its amazing how the everyday can be extraordinary when told by the right person (you).

    • Aww…Thanks Erin! :) I’m surprised you don’t already have your own domain…You’d do really well mommy-blogging…Your poop stories are priceless!