Another year gone by….

I sometimes have a hard time believing the bambino is as old as he is. Today, he’s 3. There’s no more baby in him, he’s all little boy now, and in a way, I hate it. I miss the little snuggle bug that would shove his face into my neck and drool on my shoulder. Now, he’s too busy to give me a hug when I want one.

As per his request, this year I did not make his cake, as my decorating skills are horrible, so we bought one:

He’s got 4 things he’s really into right now: Superheros (especially Batman), Ice Age, Toy Story, and Star Wars. So while the cake was Ice Age, the big present was Star Wars-related:

And the bambino LOVED it.

Excuse the messy living room. We let the bambino open his presents before dinner, which was probably a mistake. All he wanted to do was play with the AT-AT.

I even made hot dogs and tater tots, per his request:

I didn’t think I could stomach hot dogs after him throwing them up the other night, but I grilled them instead of just nuking or boiling them, and I only ate one. And now that he’s tucked into bed with one of his new snow troopers, I’m off to bed myself. Jay & I have to get up and do yoga tomorrow morning!

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2 Replies to “Another year gone by….”

    • Thanks! :) I think he’s pretty cute too. Still can’t believe he’s more of a kid now than my baby. :( He is a lot of fun right now, though!