A Smattering…

I’ve done just a small amount of cooking in the past few days…Sunday evening, I made baked chicken. My intention had been to make mashed potatoes, but I got a little lazy and just did homemade fries instead:

Part of the reason I’d gotten lazy was because I made dinner rolls, and I got started on them a little late. Still, they were good:

I think these were the best batch of dinner rolls I’ve made yet.

Last night, I just scavenged, since I got a hair cut. This morning, I decided on some eggs, since I haven’t had them for a weekday breakfast in awhile.

And no, that isn’t ketchup–It’s taco sauce. I also had half a grapefruit. I need to stock up on them when I go grocery shopping later this week. I might go tomorrow night, but I haven’t decided yet. I also might wait & go early Saturday morning.

I had every intention of cooking some steaks that Jay bought for me a few weeks ago for tonight’s dinner. Jay decided instead to order us George’s.

Buffalo chicken pizza. And we even ordered an appetizer:

The bambino had some chicken strips & fries:

I think I should’ve had something along those lines…They put some extra sauce on our pizza, so it was a little intense. No matter. It was still good. We’ll have those steaks tomorrow night, before I head off to the grocery store (yeah, I just decided I’m going to go ahead and go tomorrow night).

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