“I have had to work hard everyday of my life and what do I have to show for it?”

Ahh, Friday. I’m going to enjoy this weekend…I have a feeling our year-end statements will come sometime next week, and I will be buried in 6 huge boxes of fun. I’m already anticipating that I’ll be working next weekend, so I’ll enjoy the next 2 days. It’s supposed to be rather cold this weekend, so I’m planning on doing a bunch of baking. Yesterday was semi-crappy, so today, Jay decided to cheer me up by taking me grocery shopping after work (what can I say? He knows me all too well!). There were a few samples about, one of which was pizza. Jay decided after having a bite that that’s what he was buying for dinner.

I like thick crusts for most pizzas, but every once in awhile a thin crust is nice too. We also got some dessert:

It’s almost like one of those Little Bucket Parfaits from KFC, but better, since it had peanut butter! Jay picked up a few other things for me:

My grapefruit! Since I usually only eat half of one at a time, I’m set for awhile! Thankfully citrus keeps for awhile. Jay also bought me more Fage:

I swear, this stuff is SO much better than Chobani (sorry, Chobani!). Jay got a few more things, some ground beef, some “gourmet” root beer (to go along with the pizza):

I was most thrilled about a package I got:

New shoes!

They’ll be perfectly comfortable to wear on Monday. I made the pizza:

And then had 2 helpings of dessert:

And yeah, I’m paying for it now. My stomach’s way too full, and I’m very glad I have on elastic waist pants at the moment! Oh well. It’s been a good evening. Jay even popped in my favorite episode of The Simpsons: “Homer’s Enemy.” There are many days I empathize with Frank Grimes. Today’s not one of those days, though.

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