Saturday with snacks

I got up relatively early this morning…The bambino woke up around 6:30, and after cuddling with him for a bit, went back to sleep till around 7:30. I, on the other hand, laid in bed for about 15 minutes, then got up to make some coffee. I had half a grapefruit while it was brewing, which made me decide that one of these days, I need to get myself a grapefruit spoon. That led me to search for the name of my silverware pattern, which took me about 30 minutes, as it’s been discontinued (It’s Pennington, in case anyone cares). It was part of a deal the Betty Crocker catalog used to have with Oneida, and would feature flatware sets, and other stuff. My mom got my sister & I each a set a few years ago. Now, apparently, I have to pay through the nose if I want replicas. Yikes!

Anyway…I made some breakfast this morning. It’s what I was going to make for dinner last night, until Jay decided he wanted pizza instead. I used the Applegate Farms bacon I bought at Pomegranate Market a few weeks ago.

It cooked up nice and crisp. I’m sort of working on portion control, so I only had 2 pieces along with my egg, slice of toast (with butter) and home fries. I made the “mistake” of referring to the potatoes I diced (which is actually kind of a pain to do) as hash browns, and was promptly corrected by the bambino.

After more internet-surfing and general laziness, I got my arse into the kitchen and got to work on pretzels. Eden’s post a few days ago made me less afraid of attempting them at home myself, so I gave them a shot. And I have to say that I’m pleased with the results:

The ends there at the bottom are a little sharp-looking, but I’d used my pizza cutter to make semi-uniform pieces. I tried rolling them out, but that didn’t quite work, so I just stretched & practiced lame pretzel-shaping à la Auntie Anne’s.

It must be the German in me–For a pretzel-making virgin, I don’t think they look too bad!

After going through the process of boiling & baking them, I’m thinking next weekend, I might try making my own bagels. This was a lot less intensive than I ever thought it would be!

I made a most of them with kosher salt sprinkled on top, but a couple of them I also sprinkled some cinnamon-sugar on, and a couple more got sesame seeds. Those have all since been eaten.

And assuming that we don’t eat all the rest between now & Monday morning, I’ll have to bring one for Allison to try! Tomorrow, I really need to make bread, as well as brownies. I need snacks & treats for my lunches next week! I think I might set the bread machine up before I go to bed, so the dough at least is ready shortly after I wake up and make coffee.

I also got new reading material this afternoon:

My first issue of Food & Wine! Long story short, I’d cashed in some points to get a free subscription–Back in October, and I was composing my complaint email this weekend regarding its lack of appearance in my mailbox. Now, I can discard that email, and like I told the bambino, have one more food magazine cluttering up our house!

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