“It means that I won’t give in…”

I’m over Thursday’s snit. I usually just need to blow off steam & I’m fine. A lot of it was due to stress from waiting on those year-end statements that still haven’t arrived. And while I’m grateful for banker’s hours and a 3-day weekend, next week will be a lot of work packed into 4 1/2 days (I’m anticipating working next Saturday morning, either to finish up with statements, or to catch up on whatever I push to the side). But that’s okay. I don’t mind the extra hours, and lord knows we can use the extra money! I’ve also been chatting a lot with one of my sisters-in-law, and I feel a lot better. It’s nice to be able to bounce stuff off someone other than Jay (I’m sure he tunes out my whining after awhile!), and it puts things into perspective. I really don’t have it so bad. After all, we’re on self-imposed belt-tightening. Thank the gods Jay & I haven’t lost jobs or the car (knock on wood) hasn’t died. And I said before, this isn’t anything we weren’t already aware of, even before we bought our house. It’s just time to get it done.

But because he knows me so well and he’s a “fixer,” Jay took me mini-grocery shopping again last night. We picked up some sandwich steaks, as well as some ground beef. I realized after I got home from the grocery store Thursday night that I bought all the ingredients to make a 1-Dish Taco Bake except for ground beef. So Jay obliged, and also picked up some chocolate chips (the bambino & I are going to bake cookies on Monday while Jay’s at work), as well as a couple cups of Chobani for me (Hy-Vee was still out of Fage as of last night). He also picked up some breakfast items for this morning. Since I didn’t end up working, I said I’d cook this morning. We tested out some chicken sausage:

I do prefer bacon for my breakfast meat, but my guys are sausage lovers through and through. And while I do also heart my Jones breakfast sausages, these Al Fresco ones were DELICIOUS! Very sweet and mapley. I think the bambino was less impressed by them, as he only ate a few pieces of his link, instead of inhaling them and asking for seconds. I’ll have to request that Hy-Vee get the Country Style version in–That might be more to his liking. I also really liked the ingredients:

I can read them all! That is one reason I also really like Mr. Dell’s Hash Browns.

One ingredient only. And they cook up beautifully.

Yeah, I only had one piece of sausage. I figured I’d start small, in case for some reason I didn’t like it. But it was really good, and if I can figure out a way, I’ll keep the chicken sausage in the budget.

And speaking of budgetary things…Jay & I were talking about this, that & the other thing, and he suggested that I start figuring out how much my meals were costing–To see where we’re maybe wasting money or just for curiosity’s sake. So I started with this one. It worked out to $1.42/serving for 4 servings (with few exceptions, I almost always have leftovers, and let’s be honest, that’s definitely 2 servings of hash browns on my plate there). Here’s how I figured it:

Chicken sausage: $3.99 pack (1 link is a serving, and I cooked the entire pack)
Eggs: 44¢ ($2.05/carton of 18=11¢/each)
Hash browns: $1.24/half a bag
Total: $5.67, divided by 4 servings=$1.4175, or $1.42!

I don’t know that I’ll do that for every meal. I also didn’t figure in the cost of the juice that Jay & I had to drink, or the cost of the bambino’s milk. But it was kind of fun. A breakfast like that at Cook’s Kitchen would cost at least twice that much. I might/might not do that with dinner tonight as well. I think I’m going to make some cream of potato soup with cheese toasts, but I don’t know if I want to go to the trouble of figuring out what it costs me to make my own bread, and figuring out what an individual potato from a 5 lb. bag costs! But we’ll see. Sometimes I like a challenge.

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2 Replies to ““It means that I won’t give in…””

  1. That’s the kind of math I am talking about! Love that cost!!! Also that ingredient is a hoot! Love that.
    Hey Rachel, stop by http://www.stretcher.com and go into the forums and say hi! There are many great ideas and $$$$ stretching ideas there!
    you will find me pretty easily! ;-)

    • I will check that out–Now that we’re on such a tight budget, I need all the help & ideas I can get! I figure the less ingredients there are in stuff, the better it probably is for you.