“I always feel like somebody’s watching me…”

I’m battling a serious case of the munchies this afternoon. Actually, I have been for the past few days, which generally means what you all think it means, so we’ll just let it go at that. Before I forget, DMCGirl requested my frittata recipe from the other night…So here it is (It’s also under the Recipes tab on my header)!

I worked a couple hours this morning. Cyndi is babysitting one of her grandchildren, and asked if I minded switching Saturdays. I was planning on working this weekend anyway because of statements, so I told her that was fine. I can use the OT that will show up on next week’s paycheck. After I got home, I finalized my menu, my grocery list, got the bambino dressed and headed off to the store. The bambino came with me for the first time in a couple months, so we celebrated with some chocolate milk & coffee, whereupon I discovered that I left my list (and coupons) at home! Bah!!! Luckily, I’m enough of a nerd that I’d re-written my list about 5 or 6 times, so the only things I ended up not getting that were on it were some bacon (which was what one of the coupons was for), and lemon juice. That’s not too bad.

I did get most of everything else I was planning on:

Oh yes, I bought more green beans. I’m trying, I really am, when it comes to trying to eat more vegetables.

I also decided to try the new bread Hy-Vee’s been advertising in their circulars. I usually don’t buy bread, unless it’s a specialty bread. We’ll be having some pasta a couple nights this week, so I thought some Garlic Rosemary bread would taste okay with it.

Those little babies are from the bulk foods section at Hy-Vee. I still need to search online, but I want to try making my own granola bars at some point this weekend. And since I love Nature’s Path granola bars (especially the Pumpkin & Spice ones), I’m going to try to recreate them. Unless of course, Nature’s Path just wants to send me some freebies. I’d be fine with that too.

I actually feel rather guilty about this purchase, and have spent awhile this afternoon debating on returning it to the store. Until I can join to the SD Local Foods Co-op (which I’m hoping to submit my application for membership sometime next week), I can’t really buy local beef. Hy-Vee does carry Organic Prairie ground beef, but it’s roughly $6 for 3/4 lb. of beef. Generally, when I purchase from the farmers’ market or even the meat counter, it’s under $5. And my original intent was to get 2 1/2 lbs. of beef from the meat counter, which probably would’ve ended up costing me more than what I paid for that 3 lb. “chub” (and I hate that term, BTW…It just sounds dirty). I did some digging online about where it came from (I had some higher hopes, since the address listed was in Dakota Dunes, which is in between Sioux Falls & Sioux City, IA), and I was disheartened to discover that it came from a subsidiary of Tyson Foods. Ugh. However, we’re not in a position to waste food, and I’m still going to use it, even if I’m not thrilled about its origins.

Pasta was on sale (less than a buck a box!), so I stocked up. It’s not like we won’t use it. I forsee some spiral mac & cheese in our future thanks to that rotini! I would’ve preferred it had the whole wheat variety been on sale, but we’ll get by.

And while I had every intention of making the Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs for dinner tonight, I am rapidly losing any motivation to do much of anything except sit on my butt. That, and my kitchen’s a bit of a mess, so I’m putting off cleaning it up. In fact, I’m trying to work up the nerve to ask Jay if he just wants to go out (I don’t like to interrupt when he’s playing Lego Indiana Jones on his computer, though). We’ll see though.

In the meantime…While I know that blog readership usually tanks on Saturdays, curiosity gets the better of me on more than one occasion, and while I’m not expecting quite the response that she got (especially as I’m posting this on a weekend), I’m filching another of Eden’s blog topics, and asking my readers to de-lurk. Yes, I know who a lot of you are–And I like that I know quite a few blog readers in person, even if y’all are coworkers or family members! I’m even savvy enough that I can pick out a few of you by IP addresses (although that’s just me being proud of myself for knowing what an IP address is, and that I know how to read my blog statistical reports!)…But I am interested in those of you I don’t know, or who have never commented. I won’t call you out–That would be rude, and might scare some people off, and I certainly don’t want to do that. And I will respect the privacy & anonymity of anyone who doesn’t wish to step into the light. Still, I’m curious, and would like to just find out a little about my readers! if you are so inclined, tell me who you are & a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do…As much or as little as you feel like divulging!

And on that note, I think I will go and start taking Qdoba orders.

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4 Replies to ““I always feel like somebody’s watching me…””

  1. I’m not normally a comment on other blogs kind of person, but I’ll de-lurk because you asked me to. Since we read each other’s blogs, there’s probably not much we don’t know about each other, even though we’ve never met and (probably) aren’t likely to…unless you ever have an urging to come East! :)

    • Hello Aileen! I think there’s something rather amusing about the fact that we’ve followed each other since Blog City days! I have a goal to visit all 50 states in my lifetime, and I haven’t yet crossed New Hampshire off my list, so maybe one day I will make my way out there for a visit! :)

  2. You know who I am, but I’ll say hello, anyway. :) Let me know when you’ll be in SF sometime and we could meet for coffee or something!