“Why can’t I be you?”

I got a VERY pleasant surprise about 5 minutes before the bank closed Friday evening. The bambino (with Jay in tow) ran in carrying these:

Based on yesterday’s wallowing-feel-sorry-for-myself post, Jay mistakenly thought that for some reason I was annoyed at him. I’m under some work-related stress, but it’s nothing to do with him. Still, it was really sweet & adorable to receive flowers from my little boy. Plus, I could show him off a bit.

I was in a good enough mood after that I decided we needed to go out for dinner. Since I’ve been craving Nick’s for awhile, that’s where we went.

My brother-in-law Greg works there, although he wasn’t working when we were there last night. He must work the lunch shift. The bambino especially likes going, so he can spin around on the counter stools.

He surprised Jay & I both by eating pretty much all of both his cheeseburgers. Usually he just picks off the corners of the cheese that sticks out, maybe takes a bite of the actual meat, and then spins around in between drinks of chocolate milk.

Afterward, we popped out to The Devil. Jay wanted to just look around and I figured I’d go ahead and take care of our monthly stocking-up trip. Part of the new restrictive budget is that I take $40 from what’s normally allotted to groceries, and go to either The Devil or Dollar Tree, and stock up on those things that nickel & dime you–Toiletries, TP, laundry detergent, etc. I remember one year when I was still living in Ohio, after my mom had gotten a bonus from work she gave my sister & I a choice: We could have some cash to do with as we pleased, or she’d take us on a shopping spree at BJ’s Wholesale Club (before they closed up in Columbus), and we’d buy a bunch of bulk stuff & divide it up between us. We chose the trip to BJ’s.

Once we were done with The Devil, I dropped Jay & the bambino off at home, and continued on to Hy-Vee. For part of his Cheer-up-Rachel campaign, Jay bought junk food treats, as well as more Fage, so that I didn’t have to. Which was really sweet. I cleaned them out the other night, and they hadn’t restocked by the time I was there last evening. And because we got bonus checks at work yesterday, I doubled the budget for this week. I came in exactly $1 under. I got a lot in the way of baking supplies, although I just realized I need a few other things that perhaps I’ll pick up after work this morning.

They were having a 2-day sale on milk–2 for $5. Any time I can pay less than $3 for a gallon of milk, I’m a happy camper, although I’d still love to be buying organic milk. In time, I can go back to it, I suppose.

Frozen stuff…And meat!

I was tempted to buy more pork chops, but I didn’t, just because I knew that would put me over, and I didn’t want that. We do still have some stuff in the freezer, that I really need to make use of. We’ve eaten out a lot more this week than we should’ve (because of my bonus), and it needs to stop.

With the exception of the applesauce (lunchbox items), the Worcestershire sauce & beef stock (restocks), everything else is necessary for my marathon baking session this weekend. Oh, I guess the tomato paste is also a restock. I spent a few minutes looking over all the varieties of Worcestershire sauce to find one that DIDN’T contain HFCS, and while original Lea & Perrins doesn’t, neither does the Hy-Vee brand:

And it was about a buck cheaper. I kept forgetting to add it to my grocery list until last week, when I made BBQ Meatballs. My BBQ sauce didn’t quite taste like much more than ultra-tangy ketchup, but they were still good. So I made sure to pick some up last night.

I’m thinking that before I go into work, I might get the bread machine started, so at least by the time I come home, the dough will be working, and perhaps in between bread rises, I can knock out either the brownies, or maybe the granola bars. Although, if we’re going to the Children’s Museum this afternoon, I should probably hold off on bread until tomorrow. At least the other stuff can just cool while we’re off playing.

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6 Replies to ““Why can’t I be you?””

  1. Looks like quite a haul!!! The flowers are lovely. I love fresh flowers. I can’t wait till spring and I will have to buy some daffodils! Bambino is sooo cute!

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