I heart “Monty Python.” About 6 months ago, we got the complete series on DVD  and then promptly watched them all in about a 2-week span. Jay’s been re-watching them over the past few days. It’s been a little hectic over the past couple days. Monday night we got yet more snow.

Between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon we got about 8 more inches of snow. Of course, this was nothing compared to the blizzard that hit the Midwest, but whatever. Yeah, the eastern side of the country’s getting hammered this winter, but we on the prairie are too, believe it or not.

Because of the crappy Monday weather, Jay wanted some comfort food, so I just fixed some cubed steak and potatoes.

The bambino wanted to watch a movie after dinner, so I felt popcorn was a necessity.

Naturally, the bambino told me he wanted popcorn, and Jay thought it sounded good too. As usual, I’m the one who ate the bulk of it.

Last night, I went out with Katie, Melissa & Jessica, to the movies:

Talk about creepy! You know a movie’s good when you fall asleep thinking about it, and you wake up still thinking about it. Yeesh!

Tonight, though, we’ve been slugs, and I love it. I putzed around a bit once we got home, then got started on a late dinner:

My in-laws are apparently taking us out on Friday night, so I started looking through the cookbooks for some ideas for tomorrow night. I came across this:

And while I have none of the ingredients for it yet (except for the rice & beef broth), I’ll add them to this week’s grocery list, and make this over the weekend. I need to sit down and make an actual menu for the next week and base my grocery list off that, rather than just trying to find something each night. I’ve been extremely lazy about my organization lately, and I need to get myself back on track.

And scatterbrain that I am, I just realized I have a load of laundry that needs to be put in the dryer, so I’m off to take care of that and hit the hay!

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