“I know I did something/Lord what could it be?”

This day started out okay…Until we left the house to head off to work. As usual, I was running about 30 seconds behind Jay & the bambino, and when I walked out to the car. Jay asked if I’d left the back door of the car open. We noticed that a travel pack of window wipes sitting on top of the trunk. Just like the last time it happened, nothing was taken–Except our sense of security. Dammit, just because we happened to leave 1 car door unlocked (the door on the side where the bambino sits–Have you ever tried corralling a toddler in the morning? There’s a reason we usually leave that door unlocked, especially in crappy winter weather!), does NOT give some jackass the right to walk onto my property, into my garage, and rifle through my car!!! Our suspicion is that it’s most likely college kids. There are quite a few rentals in our neighborhood (something I’m not overly thrilled about but for the most part the neighborhood is quiet & peaceful), and since we’re on a corner lot, we have people who cut through our yard all the time. Based on where the window wipes were originally in the car, I also suspect whoever it was that broke into my car was looking for money, which they didn’t find. And apparently they didn’t care for Rancid or collections of superhero themes & music from “Star Wars,” since the CDs were left alone. Still, it made for a very tense morning, even once I called the police after I got to work. They filed a report, in case it turns out we are missing something that we didn’t notice right off the bat.

I had the chance to go to the Brookings Altrusa Literacy Lunch this afternoon.

It featured a presentation on higher education perspectives from Native American students & a professor from SDSU, and was really interesting. The lunch that was served was delicious:

That would be chicken noodle soup underneath all those crackers–And it must’ve been homemade, as the chunks of veggies and chicken were huge and the noodles were thick.

The smoked turkey sandwich was really good too–And I don’t really even care for turkey! There was a dessert plate on the table too:

Unfortunately, I managed to pick the one dessert containing coconut. Bah! Luckily there were a couple pieces of dark chocolate candy on the table that I had instead.

But because of the crappy start to our day, I broke our rule of not eating out, and ordered George’s for dinner.

Ah, Buffalo Chicken pizza. Delicious as always. We got an appetizer too:

The bambino had a hamburger & fries, which he ate about half of–The kid’s portion is pretty big. Bigger than what I think a 3-year-old could eat, anyway. We capped off the evening with more Python (I heart Michael Palin) once the bambino went to bed, although as I type this, the little bugger is still awake…And it’s almost 10!

Tomorrow night we’re going out with Jay’s parents & brother, which will be a nice treat, especially after today’s BS. I still need to work on my grocery list, especially now that I have some new reading material, thanks to Diana:

That reminds me that I need to dig out a bunch of my Everyday Food issues to let her borrow. Hooray for new recipes & cooking ideas!

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