Message to Spring: “Baby come back!!!”

Have I mentioned yet today how sick I am of winter? Sheesh!! I swear, anytime there’s the slightest chance that Brookings will get even the barest HINT of snow, it means a 100% chance that serious amounts of flakes will fall from the sky. I see the forecast has been revised (again) for my area. Thanks for nothing, Old Man Winter. Can’t you take a hike?

I spent most of the morning working on my grocery list and menu:

When I went to bed last night, we were supposed to get sleet & freezing rain overnight, which was supposed to be over sometime this afternoon. So I putzed around looking for recipes, and spending an awful lot of time printing recipes from The Pioneer Woman’s website (whose au gratin potatoes I will be making tomorrow). I didn’t know until about noon that we were supposed to get 3 more f-ing inches of snow on the ground. ARRGH!!!

I’d told the bambino he could come to the store with me today, but I’m glad I left him at home. It was a madhouse–I wasn’t even thinking that people are probably stocking up for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I’m not a football fan so I don’t really care who’s playing & who wins. But, as usual, it was packed with people who use grocery shopping as a social hour (I got super-annoyed because I got stuck down almost every aisle I turned down thanks to people just yakking away instead of shopping), and because everyone’s freaking out about more snow falling.

And I went over-budget this week (I blame Pioneer Woman for that). I got a fair amount of stuff:

I also blame my obsession with Fage as another reason I went over budget. If I had any willpower, I’d’ve restrained myself and just stuck to my list. But alas, Hy-Vee had restocked on Fage, so I felt compelled to buy a few.

I blame both the Pioneer Woman & Diana for the excess in meat this week. I found a recipe for some cheesy potatoes with smoked sausage in one of the magazines Diana let me borrow, and since it’s been awhile since we’ve had smoked sausage, I thought it sounded good. Especially since it’s going to be freakin’ cold again next week. Bah! And I’m going to make the Pioneer Woman’s Bacon Onion Cheddar Biscuits (minus the onion) for breakfast tomorrow.

I had about enough coffee left to get me through tomorrow morning…With one cup. And I usually drink 2 cups a day. The crackers were also an impulse buy, but we are having soup next week (thanks to Iowa Girl Eats for that one), and they were on sale.

I picked up more potatoes, both fresh & frozen for a few of the recipes next week.

I did some blog housekeeping, and cleaned up my Recipes Page a bit. I separated everything into categories, although you still have to use the drop-down menu to get to them. If I’m feeling up to it later tonight, I’ll link the categories on the Recipes Page itself. If not, that’ll come later. In the meantime, I need to get cracking on the Spicy Mexican Pie I’m making for tonight’s dinner!

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