“It’s getting better all the time…”

FINALLY!!! After 4 days of being frozen shut, our driver’s side door lock thawed enough that we don’t have to climb across the passenger’s seat any longer! I haven’t been so happy to open a car door since the day I bought Junior!

I also got to leave work a little early, although I had a meeting for a board I’m on at the bambino’s daycare, so I wasn’t working, but I was working, if that makes any sense. Once I got home, I putzed around a bit, and was planning on making the soup I discovered courtesy of IGE, but Jay was less than thrilled about it. He was hoping I’d made paninis to go with it, although we haven’t had bread in awhile. So when I said that I could make the Cheesy Potatoes with Smoked Sausage instead, he practically begged for it. I obliged. I should remember that I need to read and reread recipes before I make them.

I wasn’t thinking that it’d take me awhile to cut up on the sausage, nor was I considering that it’d take 45 minutes to bake and needed another 5 minutes to set up after it came out of the oven.

Not a big deal, but it didn’t go into the oven till 6. I shoot for us having dinner by 6:30 most nights. I think Jay would prefer that I get dinner ready between 5:30 & 6, but I like to unwind after work, and I don’t mind eating later.

You’ll notice that the recipe calls for sour cream…Which of course, I didn’t have. I used up some Fage instead.

Jay seemed a little shocked when I told him of my substitution. He said it tasted just like there was sour cream in the casserole.

The nicest thing is that I have a lot of leftovers, so I have lunch for tomorrow. And for the weekend. After dinner, the bambino begged to play a game:

We got about halfway through it before the bambino decided he just wanted to play with the gingerbread pieces. Apparently they have Candyland at his daycare & he’s been playing it there.

Only one more day to get through before a nice relaxing weekend–with warmer weather to boot! I can’t wait!

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7 Replies to ““It’s getting better all the time…””

  1. My kids all play with the gingerbread pieces, too. I couldn’t tell you the last time they played the actual game.

    • Your nephew likes to just move the pieces to their corresponding colors on the board. At least he’s got his colors down, even if he’s not interested in learning how to play a game!

  2. Rachel, I really enjoyed Candyland as a child (I wonder why?), so it was fun to see it here. Your cheesy dish looks perfect for your brutal weather, with the “lite” substitution – good idea!



  3. Dawn–It’s going to be up into the 40’s this week! It’s no 70’s in SoCal, but I’ll take it! ;)

    Dan–It was pretty tasty, and very good on a chilly SoDak winter’s night!

  4. If you like candyland get Hi Ho Cherrio – does for counting what Candyland does for colors. And its quick so the kids can make it through it.

    • Erin–I think if Candyland was half as long, we’d probably get through the whole thing. I was thinking we needed another game for Lex, so I’ll check out Hi Ho Cherrio. Ants in the Pants might be next too!