I went & got a hair cut Monday night. I’m almost tempted to start going every 4 weeks, instead of waiting 5 weeks between hair cuts, but 5 weeks seems to be just about the point where I start getting annoyed with the length of my hair. The salon I go to is an Aveda salon & the stylists massage your head & shoulders a bit before your hair cut/style. It was very welcome after a fairly crappy Monday.

I’ve actually been feeling blasé lately. I think it’s the weather–It’s just draining on all of us. Jay’s worn out from shoveling and running out of places to pile up the snow around our yard & driveway. To add one more piece to our string of bad luck lately, the driver’s side door to our car has been frozen shut since Monday morning. I should count my blessings. During my first January in South Dakota, my car battery froze, and I ended up needing a new one. Since it’s supposed to be above freezing for the first time since Sunday (I think), and over the weekend, it’ll actually get close to or above freezing, I’m hoping that whatever’s frozen inside the car door will finally melt, and Jay & I can stop looking like jackasses anytime we have to get in or out of the car!

Tuesday night, I just felt like zoning out in front of the TV all night…I don’t remember why it was so draining–I haven’t been sleeping all that well, so that could have something to do with it. The bambino asked to have a pear, which he took 2 bites of, then said he didn’t want it any more. I told him he’d be getting it for dinner, until Jay asked if we had enough stuff for some juice. I had 2 apples, 2 pears, and I threw in a grapefruit.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I thought it looked kind of pretty with the pink from the grapefruit & the green from the apples. I don’t like apple juice at all, so I didn’t have any, but Jay & the bambino said it was good. I’d rather go back & get more oranges & strawberries, so I can make my berry-citrus concoction from this past weekend. Yum!

Last night, because we were both crabby & because he looked rather dejected when I told him soup was on the menu, Jay & I decided on George’s for dinner. We had to chuckle when our order arrived:

Last year, we made an attempt to go to George’s for the Valentine’s Day Special, and it turned out horribly. This year, while it would be really nice to try again (especially since the weather’s actually supposed to be decent), we’re opting to just do basically the same meal, but here at home. It’ll give me an excuse to try making some Boston Cream Pie for the first time.

Because of ordering George’s, I broke my resolve to not eat out until the next time we hit Sioux Falls, and I got a burger & fries:

And let me tell you, it was the best burger I’ve had in a good long while. I seriously inhaled the whole thing, only to suffer some seriously painful heartburn soon after I was finished. I don’t care though. It was delicious.

After my heartburn subsided, I grabbed a slice of cake for dessert (obviously not having learned my lesson to avoid gorging myself).

That cake is actually somewhat of a fail. For whatever reason, Sunday night I decided I needed cake. Whenever this happens, I usually end up making Devil’s Food Cake with buttercream frosting. I decided on something different, and made a Brownie Nut Cake. The fail came with the frosting. I suspect it’s supposed to be some sort of caramel frosting, but when I tried to make it, either the directions were crap, or I used the wrong type of pan. My sugar never really browned, although I think I did manage to get it to soft-ball stage.

And I suppose, if nothing else, we got a very pale-looking caramel sauce from it. Which looks a little ugly, but tastes pretty good.

We’ve already started off this morning having trouble with the car starting…I hope today gets better, not worse!

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2 Replies to “Mid-Week”

  1. That fresh juice looks seriously awesome! Is that with you new juicer??

    I cannot relate to your weather at all. I cannot!!! I lived in Boston for one winter and I was outta there. Once you get thin west coast blood, you would die in that climate!

    But I did see some blue skies on one of your blog posts not long ago so at least there is that!

    I am not doing anything for V-day. Probably pick up some cute paper plates and something fun for DMCtween. But it will be cheap!!! ;-)

    Determined to get down the debt!
    Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t talk to you sooner in the blogosphere!

    • Heya Dawn! Yep, that is with the new juicer–I freakin’ LOVE the thing! :)

      Yeah, SoDak weather bites. As soon as we save enough money, we’re moving south! We’re supposed to be in the upper 30s/lower 40s next week, so that will be awesome!!! I can’t wait!!!

      I have to get treats for the bambino to pass out at daycare, but they too will be cheap!