Weekend Sunshine!!!

It’s sunny today, and it’s supposed to get close to 40. I’m SO glad, because we’ve all been suffering cabin fever, and right now the bambino & Jay are about to come to blows, when I knock their heads together. I might need to go for a drive or something, just to get out of the house for awhile.

After puttering around a bit this morning, I got to work on the grocery list for this week.

I wish I had more of these Hello Kitty pads–I think I picked them up in the dollar bin at Target down in Sioux Falls. Oh, how I wish a Target would come here. But, I’ve been informed by a fairly reliable source that it’s not going to happen since there are stores in Watertown & Sioux Falls. Which makes me wish to boycott them altogether until they put a store in Brookings, but there’s only so much I can spend at Wal-Mart before I start to feel guilty about it.

I’m anal-retentive enough that I rewrite my lists several times over before I’m finished.

I start by writing down what I need, then I go back through & rewrite it based on my progression through the store.

Sadly, I spend enough time in my local Hy-Vee, that I’ve got the store layout almost completely memorized! I wish I would’ve gone shopping before 8 like I’d originally planned this morning. While looking for the pork roast, I got a little claustrophobic in the meat area in general, and about blew up at a couple of old folks just lackadaisically wandering around, seemingly without a clue or a care in the world. It also didn’t help that the bambino was acting up a bit, so I was a little frazzled. But we got everything on the list, and then got the hell out of there.

I also went ahead and made up next week’s menu, before we went shopping:

Yes, Jay bought almost everything we needed to replicate the George’s Valentine’s Day dinner that we attempted last year, and he wanted credit for it. We’ll do steaks, green beans amandine, twice-baked potatoes, and my second-favorite dessert ever: Boston Cream Pie. Until I discovered Tiramisu in high school, Boston Cream Pie was my go-to dessert whenever we’d go out to eat & I saw it on the menu. I’ve never made it at home, and I can’t honestly think of the last time I had it. The first time that I came out to South Dakota to meet Jay, we popped into Hy-Vee before I left, in order to get snacks for my drive back home. I came upon some Little Debbie Boston Creme Rolls & went a little crazy (one of my infamous yelps in the middle of the grocery store). I don’t think I ever found them in Ohio & didn’t have them again until I moved out here later that summer.

Here’s this week’s haul:

The paper towels & Valentine’s Day stuff is actually from Dollar Tree. We stopped there first, and at some point tomorrow, I’ll have to label that stuff for the bambino to take to daycare on Monday.

Jay also ended up purchasing the monster pork loin. I’d hoped they were in smaller packages but no such luck. However, one of the guys behind the meat counter said that if I bought one, they’d cut it however I wanted, since the sale price was cheaper than what they had in the display case. So I found the cheapest one & just had them cut it in half. Jay & the bambino really liked the Maple Glazed Pork Loin the last time I made it, and I figured it’s been awhile since we’ve had it.

When we were shopping for the Valentine’s Day dinner ingredients last night, I noticed they had the kid’s Chobani flavors now. I asked the bambino if he’d like some, and he got really excited for the Honey-Nana flavor. So I bought him some today. I’m tired of having to share my Fage with the little bugger! And you’ll notice I didn’t buy any this week. It just wasn’t in the budget this time around. Maybe next week, although I’m not going to hold my breath.

Some time last week, the bambino mentioned that at daycare during lunch, he’d had tater tots dipped in ketchup & mustard mixed together. I kind of like tater tots, so I got a bag this week. Neither Jay or I is a fan of yellow mustard–in fact, the stuff makes me gag if I taste it in something. But the bambino apparently likes it enough that he asked if we could get some.

So I did. It was hard to pass up at 69ยข/jar. And Jay & I both have said before that now that he can communicate, it’s kind of fun learning what the bambino likes & doesn’t like.

I also figured that since it’s hard to mess up a baguette, I’d give the Baking Stone Breads another shot. There were samples of the roasted garlic variety available last night, complete with olive oil & dipping spices. That wasn’t too bad although I’d rather have the baguette, just because it’s a little more versatile.

And even though Jay paid for the pork loin, I did go over budget a bit.

That doesn’t include the $5.30 I spent at the dollar store. All in all, it could be worse! While I will miss it this week, at least I didn’t OD on Fage…Much as I am tempted to go back & buy up the rest of what Hy-Vee had! I think I’m going to go sort laundry. Jay’s watching a loud Bond movie & the bambino’s just loud, so I need a little quiet to decompress.

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6 Replies to “Weekend Sunshine!!!”

  1. Did you find that Wolverine comic at the Dollar store? Score! We took Kenny to the real comic store on his birthday and he loved it. He picked out a Justice League comic and still cried when we left.

    • Wolverine’s actually Valentines that I’m going to tape to the boxes of candy. They didn’t have much of a selection & that was the only superheros-related box of valentines there. Luckily we don’t have a comic book store here in town, otherwise I think Lex would go crazy with all the DC stuff (it’s bigger in our house than Marvel).

  2. Your handwriting looks awfully familiar ;)
    You didn’t have an Irish pen pal years and years ago by any chance?

    • Do you mean the Irish pen pal I missed meeting when I was in Dublin by a couple of days?! :D How did you find me? And how have you been?!

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