A hint of spring…

I am going to be really saddened when next weekend comes along, and temperatures revert back to normal February temperatures. Which is still better than that string of below-zero days we had just a week or so ago. It was gorgeous today, and while we debated on going for a walk, we never made it outside, beyond going over to Jay’s parents’ for Sunday dinner. Before went over there, I made breakfast. Jay had picked up more of the Al Fresco Apple Maple Chicken Sausage for this weekend.

I’m just going to say it–They look rather phallic before cooking. I threw some hash browns on as well:

While those were cooking, I had a Scandinavian Almond Puff in the oven. I’d forgotten it takes almost an hour to bake, and that’s after assembling the cake. So we ate breakfast while it baked.

By the time we were done eating, the puff was out of the oven.

It starts off puffy, then shrinks as it cools.

A glaze makes it even better:

Although I was thinking that the next time I make it, I’m going to pipe the glaze on, just to make it prettier.

After we came back from Jay’s parents’ I got to work on the rest of the laundry, and working on part of tomorrow’s dinner. I made the twice-baked potatoes, although they need to still be baked the second time. Once that was done, I got to work on dinner, which was a repeat of last night’s meal.

Fettuccine in a garlic-cream sauce. It made a TON, so I just reheated the leftovers for tonight’s dinner, instead of making the Mexican Pie I had on the menu. I was busy enough I didn’t want to monkey with a new recipe. I used up most of the baguette I bought yesterday, and got out the dipping spices.

Last night, as well as tonight, I had a glass of wine.

I opened a bottle of Merlot that I’ve had for a couple years, just because. We’ll be having some pink champagne with dinner tomorrow night.

I noticed while I was reheating dinner that there was a nice enough sunset out back.

I stepped outside to see how the temp still was and while the wind had picked up a LOT, it was still fairly nice. Some of the snow had melted enough along the driveway, that I actually saw grass!

It’s hard to see just because it was that windy out, that even though I had my arms pinned to my sides, it wasn’t enough to keep my camera from shaking.

And after dinner was finished, I started work on my Boston Cream Pie.

The custard is cooling, and before I go to bed, I’ll assemble the main part of the cake. The ganache can wait until tomorrow. I am a little afraid my custard didn’t quite turn out–It’s a little on the lumpy side, but it tastes fine. I’ll know tomorrow evening for sure though!

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  2. Allison–I’m going to be so sad this weekend, when the temp drops again…Thankfully though, the snow we were supposed to get looks like it’s going to North Dakota instead, so I’m happy about that.