“These candies are chalky & unpleasant!!!”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d list off a few of the things I love today. Sunshine:


My bambino (messy face & all):

This card (which is especially funny, if you’ve seen the “I Love Lisa” episode of The Simpsons):

And this mug which I can’t wait to use tomorrow:

Jay & the bambino surprised me at work this afternoon with the mug, card, and more flowers:

I had to laugh, because it was so unexpected. I was teasing Jay over the weekend about how he doesn’t usually get me cards, but he did take care of all the food for our dinner this evening. He apparently felt the need to call my bluff, which was nice & sweet.

All in all, it’s been an excellent day. Not only did I get all those treats, but I got some good mail:

Free bread! I just left a comment for Nature’s Pride on Facebook, and because it happened to be one of the first 15 for that particular contest, I got a free loaf of bread! That’ll be nice. After all that, I got to work on the ganache for the Boston Cream Pie.

I REALLY wanted to just shove that into my face and skip dinner. I really don’t remember the last time I even had Boston Cream Pie, so I was a little excited for dessert. While I let that set up, I popped the twice-baked potatoes in the oven, and got the grill pan heating up for the sirloins. After about a half-hour, everything was ready.

Even some pink champagne to celebrate:

Everything was delicious! The bambino didn’t want to wait for dessert, so I sliced up the cake.

I’d forgotten just how much I love Boston Cream Pie. It was my favorite part of the whole meal. Despite the fact that I thought the custard was too lumpy, I didn’t notice anything unusual, and it tasted perfect. And afterward, it was time to clean up this:

Which actually wasn’t as bad as it looked, since the vast majority of it all went in the dishwasher. And now, the bambino’s in bed (and chirping to himself). While we wait for him to fall asleep, we’re watching more “Monty Python.” Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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6 Replies to ““These candies are chalky & unpleasant!!!””

  1. Love how sweet your husband and son are to you! You are a lucky lady!
    My kitchen is small and it gets messy so fast! I hate cooking in such a small space, but I don’t know what I would do with more!!!
    The boston cream pie looks to.die.for!

  2. Dawn–I wish my kitchen was larger, but I get by. When I still lived in Ohio, I had basically a galley kitchen, so what I’ve got now is a HUGE improvement!

    And yeah, I am pretty lucky. I think I’ll keep both my guys! :)

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  4. I gave Joe a hard time too. We never do anything for Valentines Day because neither of us are into it. But this year I warned him a week in advance that I got him a card in the hopes he would reciprocate. But instead I got flowers & candy – even better! Hints do work!

    • We were just planning dinner at home, but once I started giving him crap about never getting me a card or anything like that, I had a feeling he might pull something like the flowers & candy. I’ll take it! :)