“I’m all lost in the supermarket…”

This is how you know you’ve watched too much Monty Python:

You spend 20 minutes working on silly things like the above picture. I thought it fitting, though, since I did venture off to the grocery store this morning. I wasn’t about to deal with last week’s nonsense, and I wanted to get it out of the way before we get slammed yet again with the fury of Mother Nature. I tell ya, for someone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, this winter has been especially cruel. I spent most of yesterday trying to stave off another panic attack at the thought of being buried in over a foot of snow. Yes, I chose to move here, I realize that, and those who like to point that out are correct. However, I’ve heard from a lot of people that the past 2 winters especially have been extremely awful. Each year that I’ve lived here, the winters & the snowfalls have gotten worse & worse. And for whatever reason this year, Brookings (and Marshall, MN) seem to be right in the path for every winter storm that’s come across the northern Plains. I also spent all of yesterday & most of today begging & praying to every deity I could think of that either this tracks north, or fizzles out completely. I don’t think either will happen, and given that the southern part of the state is looking at the potential for significant freezing rain & ice…I’d rather deal with 13 inches of snow. Still, tomorrow’s going to be ugly, and I’m not looking forward to it.

Enough of that. I can’t control the weather any more than I can control the laws of physics, so I just need to suck it up. What I could control this morning was my budget.

I was right on target this week! And I did buy meat, even:

I decided to give Organic Prairie another try. One of these days, I should request that my Hy-Vee get actual pounds of their ground beef, rather than the frozen “chubs.” Or I should start saving up so I can place a bulk order with them. Of course, if they (along with Organic Valley) would love to just send me some stuff, that would be fine too. Although, I seriously doubt anyone from either company knows anything about my blog, so that’s just some serious wishful thinking on my part!

Anyway…I picked up more dairy as well:

When I bought a pack of that kid’s Chobani last week, the bambino ate 3 cups in one day. He finally ate the last one for 1st breakfast yesterday morning. I told him I’d get him more when we went shopping this morning. And obviously, I got myself restocked on Fage.

I noticed a couple days ago that our local Wal-Mart is now carrying Fage, but since they don’t carry the 4% Total, I felt no need to buy any from them. I wouldn’t mind going back to Hy-Vee and cleaning them out of what they have left, though!

I got a lot of produce (For our house, anyway):

Granted, a lot of it will be used for juice (I want/need more of my strawberry/orange/grapefruit concoction from a few weeks ago). The bananas are for the bambino & the potatoes will be used during the week. Same with the salad greens. I think I also might try my hand at making some homemade croutons, although I’ll need to go pick up a baguette for that. In a little while, we’re going to head out because Jay & the bambino are in desperate need of haircuts, and we need a new shovel. We’ve been limping along with the old plastic one my grandparents bought me for Christmas one year–And if this tells you anything about how old it is, my grandmother was still alive when I got it. She passed away in 2001. It’s time for a new one.

Finally, I got a few things from the bulk section of the store:

That would be milled flax seed & some roasted pumpkin seeds. I’m going to make more homemade granola bars at some point this weekend. And I even had enough that the bambino & I got our usual & customary treats before we started on the shopping:

I stuck with just a latte this morning, no flavors or anything. And the bambino got his chocolate milk treat.

I also did the smart thing & drew up my menu last night before finishing the grocery list.

And made it official this morning:

I’ve recycled a couple meals, as I’ve been lazy about sticking to the menu lately. One night, Jay bought George’s for us. I don’t remember what all we did other nights, but I know that other than last night (I did make the Tater Tot Hot Dish I had on last week’s menu) I don’t really recall cooking anything besides our Valentine’s Day dinner. And at least with this impending pounding from Mother Nature, if I’m busy in the kitchen, maybe I won’t have a chance to notice how awful it is outside.

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6 Replies to ““I’m all lost in the supermarket…””

  1. Hey there, I am so sorry your weather is so cruel!!! Maybe more vit D would help!!! I think your shopping is amazing for 39.00. I spent too much on walnuts and scallops, but just had to have them today!

    I hope you are feeling better soon. The the vitamins and get a massage!! ‘-) Thats an order!

  2. Tracy–Yep, 1st breakfast at home, 2nd breakfast at daycare! :)

    Dawn–Yeah, our weather bites big time. Once all this snow melts, we’ll have flooding to look forward to–The fun never ends around here! :D I lucked out on a lot of that produce being pretty cheap–And I’m trying to use up my pantry stuff right now.

  3. I’m just about to go scamper to get groceries, myself (I’m hoping that we won’t get much snow, either, ugh). I have the day off tomorrow, but it looks like I’m going to be getting some cooking/cleaning/baking/laundry done, instead. Don’t know how I feel about that, harrumf!
    Have a great day tomorrow :)

  4. Erin–We’ll go through them in about a week/week & a half, in between baking, breakfasts & frittatas.

    Raineth–Funny, that’s how I’m planning on spending my day too! I’m fully expecting to wake up with snow on the ground and it falling all day. I’ll just have to avoid looking out my windows all of tomorrow!