“I’ll write you a letter tomorrow…Tonight I can’t hold a pen…”

When I was younger, I was obsessed with getting mail. Ah, who am I kidding? I still walk in the door crossing my fingers that there’s a package or something other than a bill addressed to me waiting on the dining room table. I had a fair number of pen pals from all over the world. I had one in what was Yugoslavia (Slovenia, if memory serves), ones in Scotland, Finland, and Ireland. I don’t know whatever happened to my pen pals in Scotland or Slovenia, but my Finnish pen pal tracked me down through Facebook, so we’ve caught up a bit that way. And until recently, I had no idea what happened to my Irish pen pal either–Until she left me a comment two weeks ago. She apparently tracked me down through Facebook as well, although she told me my handwriting on my grocery lists was a dead-giveaway. We actually missed meeting each other by a few days when I was still in high school. I went on a trip to the British Isles, and spent a couple days in Dublin. She didn’t live that far from one of the parks we visited, only I didn’t find that out until either I got to London, or I got back to the States (It was 20 years ago, believe it or not–I don’t remember!).

I’ve felt a little nostalgic lately–Part of it is that I’m homesick again, which means Cincinnati chili will make an appearance on next week’s menu. Part of it is the weather. We’re back to unseasonably cold temperatures again, and it’s wearing on me. Poor Jay reached his breaking point earlier this week with shoveling Monday night. This has been another horribly long winter, and I really don’t know how much more we can take. Since we’ve had a couple tastes of Spring, these last gasps of Winter have been especially annoying! Yesterday, Allison & I went out for lunch, which was a nice change.

We always seem to alternate between two places–BraVo’s & Cook’s Kitchen. This time, we we obviously chose BraVo’s. My intention was to get the soup/salad/bread combo, but none of the soups sounded that good, so I went with  my usual:

Boneless buffalo wings. For whatever reason, though, they did not agree with my stomach, as I had a bit of a bellyache for most of last night. I’m hoping tonight won’t be a repeat, as I copped out on dinner and got some fast food:

Yeah, Hardee’s. Until a few weeks ago, we had a Z’Kota Grille in town, which at one time, was a Hardee’s. Z’Kota sold the franchise to Hardee’s (there were a couple locations in Sioux Falls as well), and here we are. I know they’re possibly the worst when it comes to fast food but oh so good. I’m already thinking that I need some caramel crumb biscuits for tomorrow. I am thinking that I could of course, I could make my own, and I’m kind of thinking I might have to attempt them this weekend.

All that aside, I got more chicken strips:

And a side of buffalo sauce. It wasn’t nearly as strong as the stuff from BraVo’s, and I don’t feel nearly as gurgly as I did last night (just what y’all wanted to know, right?).

Between the chicken, the fries, and the monster soda I got with my meal, I do feel a little puffy from too much salt. I’ve been chugging water since I finished dinner. I’m planning on getting up early to hop on the elliptical tomorrow, so that should help. I’ll also need to work on my grocery list as well as finishing my menu, before I go to the store. I’ve got a lot to make this weekend–Bread, cinnamon rolls, possibly those caramel crumb biscuits. I think I’m going to dream about those tonight.

Oh, and before I head off, I just want to say thanks to all my friends who “liked” Tramplingrose on Facebook–I got enough “likes” that I could get an official page name for it! Thank you!!! And for anyone else reading feel free to like it as well–Or leave a comment. I like both!

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4 Replies to ““I’ll write you a letter tomorrow…Tonight I can’t hold a pen…””

  1. I had a pen pal in fourth grade. She lived in Iowa and was obsessed with Hanson. This winter is awful, and I don’t even live in the plaine states, so i can’t imagine how you are dealing with it. Is cincinatti chili with noodles? If yes, that does sound delish :)

    • Yes, this is an AWFUL winter–We’re in the process of getting 2 more inches of snow at the moment–What our weather guy keeps calling “nuisance snowfall.” I’d like to punch him in the face. I’ve spent a LOT of time in the kitchen this winter, which is kind of my coping mechanism, since I can’t go anywhere half the time. Yep–I’ll be doing 3-Ways (chili, spaghetti & cheese). I don’t know if you’re familiar with Gold Star, but my dad (who still lives in Cinci) sends me the seasoning packets a couple times a year, and I hoard them. I probably have 25 or so in my pantry, and I use them whenever I’m feeling homesick (or in the summer, I make coneys).

  2. I love getting mail. Joe teases me for how much mail I get on a daily basis. I subscribe to about 6 different magazines because I love to read and I love mail. That has been my hold up on getting a Kindle or something like that – I like a full mailbox!

    • I’m such a dork–I get magazines for the same reason! And I practically do a happy dance any time I get a card or a package!