“Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?”

I made the mistake of watching the weather report this evening…It’s going to get incredibly cold tonight & tomorrow, and there’s a chance of snow Thursday (I think). Bah!!! I hate March, I hate winter, I’m sick of snow, and I’m sick of my SAD. I need a vacation to someplace tropical & warm. It’s looking like we might not be going to Sioux Falls this weekend after all–It all depends on the craptastic weather and whether or not I feel up to tackling the roads. It sure would be nice to get out of Brookings for awhile…We haven’t been to Sioux Falls as a family since November maybe, and I myself haven’t been down there since mid-December. If I didn’t have my super-awesome mammogram on Friday, I’d just ask about leaving early to pop down there & back.

We got some food delivered this evening because I am lazy & Jay had a crappy day & wanted pizza. And I wonder why our savings isn’t growing at the rate it should. I actually did cook last night, though. Tomato soup & grilled cheese:

This ain’t yo mama’s Campbell’s. I made this from canned tomatoes, carrots, an onion, some celery, chicken broth & olive oil. I think I put too much celery in it or something because it tasted a little “off.” As such, we have a LOT left over:

I’ll make Jay take it to work or something–I don’t think I want anymore of it myself. I was also slightly disappointed in my sandwich:

On the surface, it looks fine, but I think the next time I make cracked wheat bread, I either won’t use the bread machine, or I just won’t set it up to make dough overnight.  Or I’ll be better about splitting the dough in half. I think this loaf was a little too large, and the center of it was REALLY crumbly & fell apart as I tried to slice it up. At least the crackers were okay:

I usually just buy oyster crackers, especially when I’m planning on making Cincinnati chili, but sometimes, miniature things are more fun. Plus, saltines are a nice change of pace.

And once we were done with dinner, I settled in with a piece of the cake the bambino & I made over the weekend:

Surprisingly, there is still half this cake left. Normally when I make cake, Jay & the bambino will devour it in a matter of days. And I guess (now that I think about it) it’s only Tuesday. Since 2 mini brownie bites came with my meal this evening, I opted not to have any cake tonight. I discovered this morning that I’ve lost about 3 pounds, and since I’ve made it a goal to lose 30 pounds by the end of this year, I didn’t feel the cake was necessary on top of the brownie bites. That, and I ate more of the appetizers than I probably needed to. Plus, I had a bag of chips at lunch this afternoon. So I’m done eating for the day & I’ll just chug a bunch of water for the rest of the evening. I’m not hungry, and lord knows I don’t need to snack out of sheer boredom. I went to bed later than I wanted to last night, and as such, didn’t get up & hop on the elliptical this morning–Sleep was more of a necessity. But that’s the nice thing–There’s always tomorrow!

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6 Replies to ““Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?””

  1. Yes, you can have another piece of cake! Also buy yourself some flowers and go to the tanning booth for just 5 minutes! It will help you feel like summer soon!!!

    I really don’t believe in tanning booths (I love them) but I know how bad they are. But if I were in a cold climate, I would go for jsut a few minutes a week!

    • I’m going to do the next best thing this weekend–Go out to dinner & go shopping! :) And (this is how dorky I am) I’ll even get to grocery shop at the new natural/organic grocery store in Sioux Falls.

    • I swear I’m gonna start packing my bags tomorrow. Looks like ANOTHER f-ing winter storm is going to slam into us.