This is what I look like around doughnuts:

Yes, I make fun of Jay & the bambino for their love of pork products, but I am equally ridiculous when it comes to doughnuts. They make me happy in a way that no other baked good can.

A couple years ago, there was some commercial (I think it was for Special K or Yoplait or something) & some guy in an office comes running into some girl’s cubicle & goes “There’s doughnuts in the break room!” Rather than following him, she opens her box of cereal or yogurt or whatever & pats herself on the back for resisting the temptation. Around this same time, we had a surprise delivery of doughnuts at work & I used that line, because I was so excited about it. And since I’ve been seeing doughnut pans popping up, I decided I needed one. Yesterday, I bought one, and this morning, I tested it out, & yielded some delicious results.

I just used the basic recipe that came on the packaging, and while I love cinnamon-sugar doughnuts, I didn’t want to make too much of a mess, so I stuck with powdered sugar and chocolate glazed.

The recipe called for buttermilk, but since I didn’t have any on-hand, I made my own sour milk with some lemon juice. I think I used more lemon juice than was necessary, as the doughnuts had a very light, lemony hint to them, but it wasn’t anything overpowering or nasty. You couldn’t really taste it with the chocolate glaze ones.

The powdered sugar ones’ holes look a little jagged because I swiped IGE’s trick of putting the doughnut batter in a Ziplock bag & cutting the corner off to “pipe” the dough in the pan. My pastry bag skills are next to none, so a couple from my first batch had no holes. Enter my great-Aunt Lottie’s biscuit cutter, with the doughnut-hole cutter attachment! The bambino & I proceeded to eat the holes. I had better luck with my second batch:

Yum! I kept the remaining chocolate-glazed ones, but gave the last 2 powdered sugar ones to my niece & nephew when we saw them at my in-laws’ this afternoon.

So why all the fuss about doughnuts today? I mentioned this to both Melissa & Katie before I left work on Friday, but I’d said that if I did indeed find a doughnut pan when I was in Sioux Falls, I would purchase a second one, to give away. Which is exactly what I did. So with that said, starting today, I will host a giveaway for a doughnut pan:

The nice thing is, I hate giveaways that make you jump through 8 billion hoops to leave an entry (even though I succumb to any involving Kitchen Aid mixers…I still desperately want one!), so I won’t make anyone do that. If you want to like my blog’s page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, hey, that’s awesome, and I welcome more visitors & readers! My only requirement is this: leave me a comment telling me either your favorite song or favorite band. Music really has nothing to do with doughnuts, but hey. It’s my giveaway, I’ll make up the rules. One entry per person please. I’ll leave the contest open through Friday, March 11th, at 6:00 PM, CST. The other nice thing about the fact that I’m doing this out of my own pocket & will ship it to the winner is that it’s open to whoever wants to enter, meaning Dan (unless he’s not interested in doughnuts) or my friend Vanessa in Australia could enter (especially if her bub or hubs suddenly starts craving baked doughnuts!). I will select the winner using a random number generator. So there you have it. If you need a new baking pan or just want to try some baked doughnuts, comment away!

And in case anyone cares, I have 4 favorite bands: The Velvet Underground, The Replacements, Crowded House, and Nirvana. My favorite song of all time is “Tainted Love.”

DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is sponsored by me, myself & I. The fine folks at Wilton have never heard of me, and did not provide me the pan or any compensation for hosting this giveaway (although if they’d like to in the future, I’d be more than happy to accept any baking accouterments they’re willing to provide!). I did use the pan I bought for myself before settling on the giveaway, only because if I’d thought it was scrap, more than likely one of my sisters or my mom would’ve ended up with the 2nd pan (sorry guys!). Doughnuts make me happy, and I wanted to share the love!

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20 Replies to ““MMmmm…Doughnuts….””

  1. Since you used the donut cutter that Aunt Lottie gave Mom, and she was a huge Elvis fan, I’ll say “Lawdy Miss Clawdy.” sung by Elvis….of course. The song never gets old…..

  2. The doughnuts look yummy.
    About my favorite band – in our not so youthful age we have become groupies. We follow a band called Marshall Law. A group of us try to get to almost all of the places where they are playing, and have a ball dancing. They have a web site http://www.marshalllaw.com, check them out.
    So, this is not a nationally known band, but one that I really enjoy.

  3. I need a doughnut pan…I gotta go with Queen as my fav band. (Randomly generate my name!)

  4. I bought one last weekend and I loved making the doughnuts! The only thing I didn’t like with the powdered sugar ones is that the sugar soaked into them by the next day once I wrapped them up :( But boy were they good!!!

  5. Awesome – a give away! Fun.
    Right now, my favorite band is Jack Johnson. Love!

    I have seen these doughnut pans, and I am interested. Are they light and fluffy like the doughnut houses?

    They look awesome! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  6. everytime someone bring in donuts, I try to pretend I am not a slave to that bakery treat. I just love love love them and those look delish.

  7. Holy cow, those donuts look amazing! You’ll make more next time we’re in town, right? :)

    My all-time favorite band would have to be Red Hot Chili Peppers, with the Beastie Boys pulling in at a close second. Don’t get to listen to much of that anymore, with tiny ears running around the house.

  8. I don’t really dig donuts, so don’t enter me in this one. But I just wanted to comment and say it looks so fun! Did you make donut holes from the experiment?

    There are a million songs I love, but I guess the one that I have to pick is “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes. I think it’s because of the memories attached to the summer I first heard it, but I still love it!

  9. i didn’t realize people were putting a favorite band, mine is a tie between The Cure and Counting Crows. I can’t explain it, but there it is.

  10. I almost feel guilty, here. Note that I said “almost,” hah!

    My favorite composer: a tie between Mozart & J.S. Bach.
    My favorite band: Type O Negative. There is ancient history, there. :-)

    Now I’m hungry for donuts… ?

  11. Look at all the comments you are getting! As far as bands, I love Dave Matthews and Keane. Or as Paris Hilton called them, “keeen-y”.

  12. For my own sake, I should hope not to win a doughnut pan… since I already can’t button most of my jeans, ugh…

    But my favorite song: “Untouchable Face,” Ani DiFranco. That song got me through more than one bad breakup in my early 20’s!

  13. I would love to win!

    However, I have a terrible time playing favorites when it coms to music…so I’ll just go with the only song titled “The Doughnut Song” that I know. Tori Amos – “you’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole” haha

  14. Have been curious about those doughnut pans. I have been missing Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the last couple of weeks-must be the weather:)
    Anyways, some of my favorite bands(can’t pick one)Flogging Molly, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Grateful Dead.

  15. Willie Nelson. I don’t like country but I love this man. Honestly, who doesn’t?

  16. My fave band would have to be REO Speedwagon, with Counting Crows as a close second. Would LOVE to win the doughnut pan!

  17. I’ve never seen a doughnut pan before but I have an incredible weakness for them! I have a hard time picking a fave band but some would be u2, Metallica,police,Dave matthewsand Muse,too many favorite songs to pin down. In my house there is a lot of Justin beiber being played!lol

  18. I love donuts.

    My favorite band is hard – the older I get the less music I listen to (I’m more of a TV person frankly). But I would have to say my heart of hearts belongs to Prince. There is no one better.