“Lord Flashheart, I wish you were the star…”

I’ve been exhausted all week. Right before we left on our disastrous Sioux Falls trip last Saturday, the mail showed up. Jay had ordered season 2 of  “Clone Wars” for he & the bambino, and the entire Black Adder collection for me. We got through the 1st season (seasons 2 & 3 are my favorites), and we’ve started on the 2nd, which means I’ve been up past 10 every night this week, laughing my butt off. I love Rowan Atkinson & Tony Robinson.

All that aside, last night was going to be another nice homey meal. I took out a massive steak Jay’d bought awhile ago, and thought we could have some steak & baked potatoes for dinner. What I didn’t plan on was an afternoon meeting running for almost an hour & a half–The bambino’s daycare has a new director, so we met with her for the first time to introduce ourselves & see how we could help with the ideas she has for the daycare.

And because my sunglasses had broken in my purse Monday morning, I had to get new ones (luckily it’s been cloudy all week–Except for yesterday!). So we visited Walmart. And since we were so pressed for time (and I refuse to “bake” potatoes in the microwave), I picked up a bag of these:

Yeah, I know. If Mr. Dell’s would make French fries, I’d be a really happy camper. I also found these:

Magnum ice cream bars. I was hoping for the Double Chocolate variety, but didn’t see that, and figured Double Caramel was a good second choice. So we got home, I popped the steak on the broiler and the fries in the toaster oven, while Jay battled a somewhat angry wasp in our kitchen. Even with being a chicken (I hate flying insects of any kind except maybe cabbage butterflies) and cowering in the living room while Jay captured the wasp, the steak turned out perfectly:

And when we were finished eating, I got us each an ice cream bar (the bambino insisted on having one of his own, which I tried to talk him out of):

They were rather rich & decadent. And I ended up having to eat the bambino’s as well as my own. Jay said I should just stick it in the freezer, but I don’t think ice cream bars ever really refreeze as well as regular ice cream does.  No matter. I’m just glad there were only 3 bars in the box–That could’ve been really ugly!

I’ll be leaving work around noon today, since I have to go in tomorrow…I’ll probably pick the bambino up early & take him grocery shopping with me, and get started a little early on some dinner. I think I’m going to try some bacon mac & cheese courtesy of Tyler Florence (although I think I might halve this recipe too, just because it sounds like a LOT of mac & cheese), yet another food/cooking guru who’s never steered me wrong.

And before I go, don’t forget that today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a doughnut pan! You’ve got until 6 PM CST tonight to leave your comment! I’ll announce the winner sometime after I get home from work tomorrow! Good luck!!!

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