Stay-home Monday & Back-to-Work Tuesday

This cold has kicked my arse. Jay seems to be coming down with it now too–It’s hitting him like a ton of bricks too, just like it did me on Friday. Hopefully the bambino doesn’t come down with this. More than likely, though, he’ll wind up with it at some point too.

And because of said cold, I haven’t been eating all that much outside of toast:

I dunno what it is about being sick, but I crave junk food. For whatever reason, plain white toast (with butter) was about the only thing that sounded good for a couple days. Usually it’s McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, although I have not eaten one since I saw Jamie Oliver “make” chicken nuggets on an episode of Food Revolution. I did cook some pork chops Sunday night, but that was mainly for Jay & the bambino. Because he was feeling crappy, Jay picked up dinner last night:

I actually ate 2 pieces, and I fixed myself some oatmeal this morning for breakfast. I didn’t get to eat all that much of it, but the couple bites I got were pretty good. I didn’t feel the need (or have the time) to photograph it, but I used a nice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar & some pecans. And a dash of milk. I like some creaminess in my oatmeal, but wouldn’t dare stir in cottage cheese–That just sounds nasty to me. I have paired it with some Greek yogurt before, and I kind of liked the contrast of hot oats & the cold yogurt.

Last night, I finally got my Pfaltzgraff order. I’m excited to have more serving bowls:

I also like the fact that there’s a different design on each bowl, because I am that much of a dork. I should’ve actually measured the serving platter before I bought it, as this thing is HUGE:

It’s hard to see in that picture just how large it is, but I tried to put it in my dishwasher, and it wouldn’t fit! I have no idea where I’m going to store it, although I’m hoping there’s room in the bottom of my hutch. Guess I’ll be cleaning it out sometime soon to see if that will work!

I did spend the whole day at work, although I was exhausted for most of the day. And I’m now in the process of hacking up a lung, but at least I don’t feel like Death warmed over any longer. I’m just very tired. And tired of coughing.

I got another package this afternoon, from my mom. The bambino got a little treat:

We discovered last year that the bambino actually likes hard-boiled eggs–After he spent an afternoon coloring Easter eggs with Jay’s mom & some of his cousins, Jay ate a couple eggs for a snack, and the bambino tried one. Now, I just have to figure out how to actually COOK  hard-boiled eggs! I do not care for them, so I’ve never made them. It’ll be an adventure!

There were some treats for the whole family in the box as well:

How very kind of my mom & sister to send 2 boxes of each of my favorites, as well as a couple boxes of new ones. It’s rather a good thing I still can’t taste or smell anything right now, otherwise a box of Thin Mints & a box of Do-Si-Dos (which I still refer to as “Savannahs,” because I am that old) would probably be gone right now.

And with that, I’m going to head off to bed. I’m still in need of a decent night’s sleep.

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7 Replies to “Stay-home Monday & Back-to-Work Tuesday”

    • Y’know, I’d be willing to bet my sister would ship them to you if you wanted some. I could ask, if you’d like.

    • I think I do need that…My husband’s always complaining that I never cook eggs any way but scrambled. It’d be a nice of pace for him to have something different!

  1. If you want hardboiled eggs, pop them in a pot of cold water with a touch of vinegar to stop the eggs cracking, then when they come to the boil cook them for ten minutes. If you want softboiled, I think you let them cook for around six – as I don’t eat them softboiled, I’m not sure!

    • I don’t think I’d like soft-boiled eggs…Thanks for the instructions–I’ll give it a go sometime soon!

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