Back to Normal?

Other than my still-persistent hacking cough, and severe exhaustion at a week-long lack of good sleep, I feel pretty good, all things considered. I’ve been a little grumpy for most of the day, but I think that’s more from being so tired, and just wanting a seriously good night’s sleep. It’s been warm and sunny for the past 2 days, and all our snow is finally beginning to melt. We can actually see patches of GRASS in our yard!!!! Granted, there are still snow banks around town that are taller than I am, but at least there are signs of spring. Now the only thing we all have to worry about is flooding, since apparently, we’re due for one of biblical proportions. Jay & I are trying not to be too worried about it, and not seriously freak out, because last year when there was massive flooding, the Red Cross shelter was located in the church that’s across the street from us. While we’re expecting that we’ll get water in our basement, since we do anytime there’s more than an inch of rain in 24 hours, we’re crossing our fingers we’re not going to need to build an ark.

Because of Jay & I being sick, and since we’ve been eating rather horribly lately, I decided that tonight was a good point for me to start cooking again. I’ve got the energy, I’m a little tired of junk food, and I don’t think it’s doing us much good. I had some ground beef thawed, and decided some Greek-style meatballs sounded kind of good.

The thing I like about this recipe (from the cookbook my bambino gave me for my birthday), is that the meatballs are baked, not fried, so it’s a mite healthier. I did use a shortcut, though:

I prefer brown rice just because I like the nuttier flavor, but it takes forever to cook. And on a night like tonight, where we ran errands after Jay & the bambino picked me up from work, it’s not always convenient to have to wait 40 minutes for it to cook. So I used the boil-in-bag stuff.

I don’t know what it is about meatballs, but whenever I make them, I never get an even number. No matter. They turned out beautifully.

And as the recipe suggests, I served them with the rice and some tomato sauce:

Amy’s Marinara is my absolute favorite. I don’t like chunky pasta sauces, and this is nice & smooth. Plus, it’s tangy, which I also like.

And it pairs well with the rice & meatballs.

I’m trying to decide what we should have tomorrow, and I think (since I’ve got 3 more bags of rice to use) Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken might need to make a reappearance. I’ve been dreaming of it since I made it last week! Unless of course, I find something in my new issue of Food & Wine.

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6 Replies to “Back to Normal?”

    • It was nice having an actual real meal again, for the first time in almost a week–And it makes for good leftovers!

  1. I’m helping out at the local show right now (the closest descriptor I can think of is an American fair) … 13 hour days with two 20 minute breaks. If you came along with that for dinner, I’d worship you forever, LOL. I hope that you’re feeling better, and that you have a good weekend :-)

    • I would LOVE to bring you dinner, because a visit to Australia would be so awesome! :) Don’t work too hard!