Shopping & sleeping…

I tell ya, this cold/flu has just wiped Jay & I both out. I would’ve thought after a full week, I’d be pretty much back to normal, but like I told Jay this afternoon, I still feel drained. And that’s another reason I think it was the flu that we had, and not just a cold. I’m almost never this exhausted after just a cold.

Because of said illness, I had to reschedule the haircut I was going to get Monday night for this morning. I feel much better (and lighter) having gotten a trim. Now if I could just get those energy levels up…! It’s been nice enough lately that I don’t have to wear clunky “winter-ish” shoes, and for about only the 3rd time since I ordered them, I could wear these:

Thanks again to my dad for the fun (and unexpected) Christmas present!

After I got home from the salon, we puttered around for a bit, then ran some errands that Jay wanted to take care of. After we came home from that, he & the bambino spent some time playing computer games:

I always think it’s really cute whenever Jay or I is using the laptop, and the bambino goes to get his & play, just so he can be grown-up too. And I promise that my dining room table does not always look like that. My desk in the background is pretty much a black hole of papers of all kinds, but the dining table is cleared off whenever we’re eating.

And after playing games for a bit, the bambino crashed, and actually took a nap, which is one reason we’re pretty sure he’s now coming down with this illness now too. Last night, I noticed he was burning up when I was getting him ready for bed, and sure enough, he had a 100°+ fever. I gave him some Tylenol before bed, but he did admit this morning that his throat hurt. Other than that (and the fact that he actually took a nap this afternoon), you’d never know the child is even the slightest bit sick!

While he napped, I readied my grocery list, and decided to go ahead and get the shopping done. Jay’s been buying meat left & right lately (so as to avoid vegetarian night), so I pretty much could use this as a stock-up or fun trip. And I did.

I figure I can fix the green beans tomorrow, when I make the Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken again. I’m so excited about it, I can hardly stand it, and I still don’t even fully have my appetite back yet!

I opted for some cold cereal for the next week, just because I’ve been so tired that it’s been a struggle to get up most mornings and there have been a couple in the past week that I’ve actually skipped breakfast (which I know is not a good thing to do, and I’m one who usually suffers a nasty blood sugar drop if I don’t eat breakfast). When you have only 10 minutes to eat, brush your teeth, and get out the door to get to work on time, oatmeal just isn’t happening. Plus, I can usually only eat it once, maybe twice a week, otherwise I get burned out on it.

All the rest of the miscellaneous groceries are for things like the chocolate doughnuts I’m going to make tomorrow morning, as well as the gingerbread cupcakes I’m going to make at some point tomorrow. And of course, I got more Fage. Last week, I didn’t get any and whatever was left, I let Jay eat, since I didn’t have much of an appetite.

Jay decided to take us out for dinner tonight, at Guadalajara. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there–Lately we’ve either been getting crappy fast food, or we’ve been getting delivery. They have the best chips & salsa:

I ended up getting tacos this time:

I was kind of in the mood for something deep-fried, but I’m glad I went with the tacos, only because I couldn’t finish them. That picture of the chips reflects about how many were left by the time we were all done with our meals…So I didn’t fill up on those. I also didn’t drink all my Pepsi, and didn’t finish the rice. I guess I should be glad I didn’t inhale it all (like I usually do), and I’m not uncomfortably full at the moment. In fact, I just finished a few Dulce De Leche Girl Scout cookies.

I have a feeling that it’s going to be an early bedtime for me. I ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly before we went out to dinner–Jay says he didn’t hear anything, but the bambino told me I was snoring. I’m either still sick, or more exhausted than I thought, as those are the only times I ever nap!

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5 Replies to “Shopping & sleeping…”

  1. Feel better soon! I’ve been under the weather too – can’t figure out what’s wrong. Can’t pinpoint any symptoms but just don’t feel great, super tired. By the way those tacos looked good.

  2. I miss Guadalajara! Maybe our families can “double date” next time we’re in town… :)

    • That would be a lot of fun! :) Have you been there since they remodeled? You might not recognize the place!