Tuesday’s Trials & Tribulations

Okay, there really haven’t been any trials or tribulations today. I’ve been a little grouchy because today was so dreary and damp. Which is kind of sad, because yesterday was a pretty good day. Jay & the bambino surprised me at work with more flowers:

The bambino remembered that green is my favorite color, and he thought I needed some green flowers.

And he was right. I do love green flowers. We celebrated with some steaks:

There was nothing to celebrate per se–We just felt like a rich meal.

Tonight, though, both because of the dreariness of the day, and because I neglected to take anything out to thaw, I made pancakes.

Pigs in blankets, actually. I tried explaining what they were to the bambino, and I don’t think he quite understood. He kept telling me they sounded “yucky.” I thought they were nice & comforting.

Extra butter didn’t hurt, either. It looks like we’re supposed to get more snow again tonight through tomorrow, although it only sounds like it’ll be a dusting. I hope that’s all it is. We’re so close to having all the old snow completely melted, it’s going to be hard seeing more on the ground!

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