My dad & sister went to Atlanta and all I got was some lousy snow.

I find it a little funny that when I was a kid, I used to dream about living either in an apartment somewhere in downtown Cincinnati, or that I’d move away to New York. I had no idea what I’d do (until I became an angst-filled teenager & decided I’d write amazing Pulitzer-prize winning poetry), but I was dazzled by skyscrapers and what I thought was “city life.” The bambino asked to watch some Tom & Jerry this evening, and one of the cartoons he watched was “Mouse in Manhattan,” which still reflects my romanticized notions of what life in the big city must be like.

So instead, I moved to a little town on the prairie. And I kind of like it out here.

Yes, we got more snow yesterday. I was not happy about it. Luckily most of it has melted, but there’s still patches of white all over the ground. Grr. It’s put me in a foul mood. I don’t know what my deal is–The past two weeks, I’ve felt utterly miserable, both physically and emotionally. I figure part of it is due to being sick last week. The rest? I have no clue. It almost feels like little tiny things are conspiring against me.

Over the weekend, I got myself a glass of water from the fridge, and noticed it was slushy & icy. I then noticed someone (the bambino) had turned the temperature up all the way in the fridge. As a result, our milk froze. And while it’s thawed (mostly), there are still ice chunks in it…Something I didn’t notice yesterday until after I poured milk on my cereal. D’oh!

I spent most of today alternating between feeling sorry for myself and being semi-weepy, and being ├╝ber-cranky & hating the world. So when we came home from work, I did what I usually do when I’m feeling panicky or down in the dumps:

I baked. Brownies, to be specific.

The Nestle Toll House Cocoa recipe is my new favorite go-to brownie recipe. I had just enough cocoa left that I could make them.

And I added chocolate chips. Because too much chocolate is sometimes never enough.

And mini-chocolate chips are just cute.

I tried not to over-bake them, but either I didn’t cook them long enough or I got a piece of melted chocolate chips, as it was very mushy & almost batter-like. I’m kind of wishing that the ice cream in our freezer was plain vanilla, because I think that would go well with these. And now that I’ve had some chocolate and a chance to decompress from today, I’m going to head to bed. Only one more day until the weekend!

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4 Replies to “My dad & sister went to Atlanta and all I got was some lousy snow.”

  1. I agree!! Too much chocolate is never enough. Sounds like you got the good ol winter blues! ugh!!!

    Summer is right around the corner~

    • DMC–I think you’re right…Plus, since I found out I’ve got 2 weeks of vacation to use up before October (I’ll lose it otherwise), I’m desperate to go somewhere! I foresee a few weekend getaways in my very near future!

  2. Winter be gone! They are saying we will get snow this weekend after several days of 70 degree weather. I feel your pain – I’ve been out with the flu and the sucky weather just makes everything worse. Planning a vacay sounds nice! Maybe I’ll do that too.

    • My dad was complaining about that as well…At least it’s almost spring, right? Hope you’re feeling better–The flu sucks!