Back on the wagon….

This cracks me up on a couple levels, not unlike the old “Hooked on Phonics” commercials cracked me up (I always found it hilarious in a semi-cruel way that if one was illiterate, how on earth would they be able to figure out how to call 1-800-ABCDEFG?). It was Jay, though, who pointed out the unlikeliness that a blind person was going to be calling the phone number on that flashlight.

So, I kind of gave up on eating even halfway decently this past week. I have noticed (and I’m pretty sure it’s no coincidence) that whenever I consume more “junk” meals, I eat worse overall. For example, this was dinner last night:

And on top of that, I also polished off the crumbs in my bag of kettle chips, 2 brownies, along with a bowl of ice cream once the bambino went to bed. I’m kind of glad the chips are gone–It’s much easier for me to resist sweets than it is salty stuff. But tonight, I’ll actually fix dinner as planned. The bambino & I went grocery shopping first thing this morning. Jay’s got some guys coming over for role-playing games later today, and I desperately need to clean up the bathroom. Jay pointed out that geektards probably aren’t going to care, but I’ll care.

I spent a little more than $40 this time, but not too much:

The extra $10 was so that Jay could get some Mt. Dew. Part of my rationale for never buying him soda is that he doesn’t go shopping (usually) with us. We get our treats at Starbucks there in the store, and on the occasions where the bambino chooses not to go, he doesn’t get his chocolate milk (if I have him stay home b/c of weather or some other reason, I’ll usually still bring him a treat). Jay gave me $10 before I left & said that since he was paying for his own soda, would I please bring it home for him? So really, out of the actual grocery budget, I only spent an extra $6.98. And as usual, I didn’t get a whole lot:

Oh, don’t laugh. Everyone needs TP.

I was actually hoping for shredded hash browns, but I let bambino pick out which frozen potatoes he wanted, and he chose Southern style.

Ah, meat. Yes, I usually have action figures all over my house, including my kitchen.

The provolone wasn’t actually on the list, but the bambino asked for some cheese as a snack, and I’d rather him eat something like that than a bag of chips or cookies or whatever.

I about croaked when I got to the dairy section, and saw how much milk has gone up–AGAIN. Thank God we don’t still have a toddler who’s transitioning from formula to whole milk–The Hy-Vee brand is $3.99/gallon, and if I wanted Land O’Lakes, it’s over $4/gallon. I think I’m seriously going to start paring back on how much milk we drink, or I’m going to bite the bullet and start buying something like almond or oat milk. The regular stuff is just getting to be too expensive anymore, and we’re on a severely limited budget anyway! I don’t know if it’s something here in Brookings, or it’s the state of South Dakota, or just the fact that everything is more expensive everywhere, and if you want to eat decently, be prepared to pay through the nose. It’s unsettling, it really is.

But anyway…I think once the geeks come over & start their role-playing, I’ll work on developing a menu for the rest of the week…Tonight will be baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, and corn (I have leftover corn in the fridge, and I’m not exactly in a position to waste it). Tomorrow night, I’m going to make some baked ravioli, and Monday night I think I’m going to give The Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake a shot. Then I’m pretty sure Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken will make an appearance too.

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4 Replies to “Back on the wagon….”

  1. You just reminded me I have hash browns in the freezer YAYYY
    Off to make some!
    Have a great day and sometimes its JUST FINE to splurge!

    • Nice! Waste not, want not, right? :) You’re right–Splurging on occasion does make it easier to stick with a budget…Kind of the same principle as with a diet…You’ve gotta treat yourself once in awhile, otherwise, you’re more likely to binge!

  2. For some reason, I always feel better when I finish something off and it’s out of the house. It doesn’t mean I won’t buy it again, but at least I’m not immediately tempted. (I know that sounds off, but whatever.)

    Anyway, prices of everything grocery-wise are going up. There’s no avoiding it, especially with the basics like eggs and milk. Ugh! The problem is that almond and soy are about the same price, so you just have to bargain shop and price compare for those staples ;) Plus, Fage isn’t cheap, but Greek yogurt is also one of my splurges.

    I know you’re also on a budget and it’s hard with a family, but some cheap-ish staples I stick with are rice and bean dishes with frozen veggies. You can add so many different flavors and seasonings and the staples are super cheap.

    This is a long-ass comment. Have a great week!

    • Oh, I know exactly what you mean about getting something out of the house so you’re not tempted by it. I almost bought another bag of chips this afternoon, but I walked away. I made cupcakes instead, so that helped.

      I am thinking that we go through a LOT of regular milk, and I think we should cut back anyway. I think my grocery store knows prices suck, b/c they’ve occasionally had BOGO sales on milk, which is something fairly recent for them. I really can’t eat regular yogurt anymore, so Fage has become more a necessity than a splurge. I will find money for it the same way I’ll find money for coffee. It’s non-negotiable. :)

      I welcome all comments–Long-ass or not! ;)