Sunday, Sunday Sunday…

I’ve been busy between yesterday afternoon and today. I popped back out to the store yesterday afternoon for a few more things:

It cracks me up that on the front, this claims to be “all natural,” but then you take a look at the ingredients:

What the hell is natural about Maltodextrin or Xanthangum? Maybe they are natural ingredients–I really don’t know, but I have difficulty believing they are. I picked up more nut butters:

And something to practice some decorating with:

I figured for 3 bucks, if I end up sucking at cake decoration, no big deal. But I did have a purpose in mind when I bought it:

I know Gingerbread Cupcakes sound like more of a winter thing, but frankly, it’s still cold & crappy here in Dakota Territory, so I figured they’d be alright. I didn’t use the Maple Frosting called for in the recipe, but I figured buttercream would work just as nicely. And it did.

A sprinkle of cinnamon just to make it a little prettier. I went back to the store again today (I think I have an addiction to grocery shopping), although it was for legitimate purchases:

And more Fage. I also thought I’d give this a try:

I’ve seen ads on other blogs for it, and I even popped over to their website to download a coupon, which of course, I didn’t have on me when I swung through Hy-Vee.

After getting home from the store (and dinner at Jay’s parents’), I started working on dinner:

Baked ravioli with meat sauce. And since I was having a salad along with my meal, I made my dressing:

Plus, the cruet was just fun. I have been looking for a vinaigrette that’s not too expensive and also doesn’t contain HFCS. I figured I’d just make my own. And since I have some laundry yet to fold and my lunch still to pack, I probably should get that stuff taken care of and head off to bed!

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2 Replies to “Sunday, Sunday Sunday…”

  1. What is natural about xanthan gum? Absolutely NOTHING! I purchased some one time and I can’t tell you how bad it messed my stomach up and it did that for DAYS. I never had such bad cramps/gas/bloating from anything before!!