“You’re so disillusioned this can’t be real…”

What a crappy week….Not for me personally…I’ve actually been in a really good mood the past couple days. But those past few days have been rough for a couple people I know, both in real life, and in blog life. Eden’s dad isn’t doing well, and last week, a good friend of mine had something horrible happen to her. Ugh. It makes me very grateful for what I have, and also makes me realize I’ve been a little whiny about some things I perceive as being hugely unfair. There are worse things out there. Which is why I shouldn’t have been crabby when I woke up to this:

Because by the time we got home, it was gone:

I made burgers for dinner last night, and for some oddball reason, I felt like having them again tonight. I originally was going to make The Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake, but I felt like burgers & fries again. Only we were out of fries, so it was back to the grocery store again (see? I told you I have an addiction to grocery shopping). I got my fries:

I know they’re absolutely horrible for you, but these are my absolute favorite form of frozen, shaped potato ever. I don’t buy them that often, as I can polish off an entire bag all on my own (over the course of a couple days, but still). I also picked up some buns, since we only had 2 left:

Kaiser rolls, actually. I like them for their chewiness. I also found these, which I just had to buy (even though they were absolutely NOT a necessity):

I was kind of hoping that they didn’t have my favorite flavor, but they did:

And not surprisingly, I ate about half the bag. Oh well! I still ate my burger:

Yeah, I should put some veggies or something on there, but I didn’t.

I at least had some semblance of fruit:

And while I’m kind of craving dessert, I think I’ll pass, seeing as it’s after 9. Instead, I’m going to flip through the cookbooks Diana’s letting me borrow:

I’m already thinking that I might need to just buy that Chocolate cookbook…I think I want to make about 85% of the recipes in it, and I doubt that I’m going to want to sit and copy all the recipes!

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5 Replies to ““You’re so disillusioned this can’t be real…””

  1. Mmm…how were those crispers? Did they live up to their name? I LOVE fries, tots, etc all crispy from the oven. LOVE it.

    That’s too bad about the snow…yuck! Over here in Dallas it’s supposed to be 90 degree’s sunday. And it’s only March!

    • Actually, I probably could’ve cooked them another couple minutes, just because I like my fries extra-crispy!

      I think I’d feel the same way about 90 degrees as I do snow–Yikes! I don’t know why I can’t convince my husband to move someplace where it’s autumn-like year-round…I just don’t deal well with extremes in temperatures!

  2. The other day I sent Joe to the grocery store and he remarked to me that my list was in perfect order (by aisle & placement on shelves). I love grocery stores and I blame my dad since he’s worked in them his entire life. I loved when he owned that IGA (remember around 6th grade thru high school) – I worked in every department and put things on the shelves whenever I was allowed. On our vacations my dad used to stop at other grocery stores to “tour” them – everyone would complain about it except me. There is something so soothing about shopping and at least at a grocery store the guilt isn’t there as much, because you have to eat, right?

    • I love visiting other grocery stores when I’m in other towns! I’m glad I’m not the only nut who does that. I’m kind of fanatical about my list (which I need to get working on), and I too organize it by aisle–Although I don’t quite do shelve placement.

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