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I don’t know why, but I have a hard time believing it’s only Wednesday. And I’m a week behind for some reason. I keep thinking that it’s still last week. I have plans for Friday night, but for some oddball reason, I keep thinking my plans are for next Friday. I just wish April would hurry up. And Spring.

I decided last weekend that I want to try and go a whole week without eating out, although I realized I’ll have to make one, possibly two exceptions. This afternoon, I had a lunch date with Abby & Amy, which was supposed to have happened last week, but we had to reschedule. The other is if we go to Sioux Falls on Saturday. Jay’s been craving Texas Roadhouse, and I’m inclined to make exceptions for Sioux Falls. I’m hoping to do more shopping at Pomegranate Market–We’re now out of ground beef, and I want more milk from Burbach’s Dairy. I’ve got 5 glass bottles just looking to be returned. I think I’ll only come home with 2 bottles, though. $8 for a gallon of milk is a bit much, but it’s amazing just how much better the taste is. Or, it’s amazing that there actually IS taste. Even if the milk’s coming from Nebraska.

I took both chicken and some steaks out to thaw, but as of this evening, both were still semi-frozen. So I went to my usual back-up:

Breakfast-for-dinner. Since we didn’t have any breakfast meat thawed either (which Jay wasn’t overly thrilled about), I thought maybe some fresh-squeezed juice would help:

It’s been awhile since I got out the juicer:

My thanks again to Breville for such an awesome gift. I got started on the juice while the hash browns were cooking, and once that was done, I started on the eggs:

That gave me an excuse to use one of the new mini-whisks Jay bought me over the weekend. I was upset about something, and he knows kitchen gadgets and things of that sort cheer me up (as do Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which he also bought me). After that, though, everything seemed to fall apart. I had 3/4 of a loaf of bread left from the batch I made last weekend. I sliced off a piece only to discover mold growing on it. Bah! I’ll slice mold off cheese & still use it, but as soon as I see it on bread, the bread’s gone. And while I was dealing with that, I then noticed the hash browns were a little well-done.

And I was annoyed because I wanted toast, and at the last minute, I remembered that we still had about half a loaf of Italian bread. So I got my toast. And after that, I fixed myself a bowl of ice cream:

And I’m still annoyed that tomorrow is only Thursday. At least I haven’t missed my weekend, I guess! I think that since I’m really freakin’ tired, I’ll do up the dishes and get myself to bed.

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4 Replies to “Things and stuff”

  1. Well thats funny, we had breakfast for dinner last night. :) Except it was grits, biscuits and ham steak. Eggs were supposed to be included, but I forgot we didnt have any. We’ve been trying to knock out all our freezer/fridge stuff before we go. And I LOVE eggs. Booo! Oh well the rest was still good though. The only thing I hate about breakfast for dinner is I never seem to get very full no matter how much of it I eat.

    • Your breakfast sounds a lot better than mine! I know what you mean, though, about it not being filling. One reason I had the ice cream, and probably the reason that within an hour, my husband was rummaging around in the fridge for something else to eat!

  2. my husband hates breakfast for dinner, thats grounds for divorce, right? I had a hard time this week too, I just need it to be spring. I totally feel ya on that one.

    • I got excited for this weekend, until I learned there’s a chance of rain/snow tomorrow night, and into Monday. Supposedly after that, Spring’s going to arrive in the Dakotas…Only 3 weeks late.