Dinosaurs, Laundry & Chicken

I went for my first run of the year this morning. It was cool, but pleasant–Sunny, and no wind. Sadly, I am extremely out of shape, but at the same time I was rather impressed with myself for still being able to at least run 30-second intervals after not running for probably 7 months! I am in much pain at the moment, but I feel good about having gone out.

Last night I made some Crispy Buttermilk Baked Chicken.

Lots of spices in the coating mix.

As well as in the buttermilk marinade:

It was okay. Like I said, lots of spices in the breading, which, while quite flavorful, actually kind of reminded me of Shake & Bake. And not in a good way.

I liked the marinade, but I think if I make this again, I’ll stick to my usual mix of garlic salt, paprika & onion powder. And some black pepper. We have a lot of leftovers, which I made use of this evening, and will be taking to work for lunch for a couple days.

This afternoon, once laundry was done and after we had our usual Sunday dinner with Jay’s folks, we headed over to the Children’s Museum for a couple hours, to let the bambino burn off some energy.

The bambino ran around like a madman indoors, and didn’t seem to want to go and visit “Mama” T-Rex, although we did finally venture outside for a bit.

And because it was so chilly by that time, we decided we needed some ice cream–Culver’s actually, so we popped out there. I don’t have a picture of it, but I tried a Concrete Mixer (similar to DQ’s Blizzard) with brownie pieces & peanut butter. It was okay–Not enough peanut butter for my liking, which made me think I should’ve just stuck with my tried & true–Reese’s Cups.

And with that I need to get myself to bed. I feel like an old lady going to bed before 10, but I ache & I’m exhausted! It’s been a fun weekend, but I’m actually kind of ready to go back to work!

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5 Replies to “Dinosaurs, Laundry & Chicken”

  1. Our town has a children’s museum too. It’s great fun, but our little boy must have the same energy level as yours. He is two years old, so he runs around and never really settles down to get involved with anything for a good period of time. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Enjoy your week.

  2. OH that buttermilk chicken looks AWESOME! Sucks I’m not doing any ‘real’ cooking until after we move. We got a little packing happy and packed almost everything…haha.

    We don’t have a Culvers here in Dallas, at least not that I’ve seen. I know there are some in CO and I heard their burgers are really good. My husband is HUGE cheeseburger fan and will be looking for a place to replace his beloved Whataburger we’re leaving behind here. So Culvers is on our list. :)

  3. Stacie–I was still recovering from my night out Friday, and had really hoped we could distract my son with something else, but he remembered I promised him we could go, so we did. I think we’ll actually try & go back in a couple weeks, when my S-I-L & nephews come for a visit!

    Ashley–I seriously think I shrieked when I found out my tiny town was getting a Culver’s. I could eat there all the time, if my wallet would let me! I’m a big fan of the Bacon Cheddar ButterBurger. :) I’m still mad about the fact that when my husband & I were on South Padre Island, we did not eat at Whataburger. I have been regretting that for 5 years!

  4. I love Culvers! I’m so proud of you for going running, I’ve been failing miserably. It just seems my ass won’t get into gear until spring does, ya know?

    • I’m going to try getting up again tomorrow to go–I only made it 15 minutes yesterday, so I’m going to shoot for 20. I’m still hurting though, so if I wake up in pain, I might take one more rest day before I try again. I seriously want spring to make up its f-ing mind, because I’m tired of warm sunny days followed by cold crappy days. I need more Vitamin D, dammit!!!!