“Life isn’t fair, Baldrick. If it was, things like this wouldn’t happen.”

I’ll get to why I chose the title of my post in a bit. I’m finally at the point today (and it’s about 8:30 CDT) where I can walk without wincing in pain, although I’m sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, and I’ve already discovered I’m a bit stiff in getting up. No matter. My plan is to be in bed in less than an hour, because unless I’m in serious pain again in the morning, I’m going running tomorrow.

I got a pleasant surprise in today’s mail, amongst all my bills:

Coupons! And all I had to do was like Eggland’s Best on Facebook. Fine by me! I need all the help I can get with my pathetic grocery budget.

I got started on dinner almost as soon as I walked in the door this evening.

I had the intention of cooking this last night, but since Jay’s dad fixed pot roast, we had leftover chicken instead. Since I made it tonight, I wasn’t planning on cooking it for the full 2 hours called for in the recipe. I figured an hour would be just fine. And I was right.

I have no idea who Berdean is, but she makes an EXCELLENT cube steak. This stuff was fork-tender, which, for any regular eater of cube steak knows, is unusual. I told Jay that I wonder if it would just disintegrate if I’d cooked it for the full time. He liked it enough that I was told I could fix it again. That is a sign of a successful recipe.

After I got my dinner mess cleaned up, I decided I’d make another mess.

Thanks to Diana’s Flood Preparations (long story), she let me borrow this evil chocolate cookbook. I gasped almost as soon as I started reading it (yes, I read cookbooks the way most people read normal books), because of all that I want to make from it. Those pie crusts I bought over the weekend are for one of the recipes in the book. But don’t these look delicious?

I can pretty much guarantee mine won’t look like that. I got to work on them…While creaming the butter, sugar, etc., my dear Cuisinart hand mixer died on me. I am now mixer-less. No stand mixer yet, and now no hand mixer. And it doubly sucks, because it was a wedding gift from Jay’s aunt & uncle. Baking isn’t happening until I can get a new one. Dammit. And thus, the title of my post.

At least I got the bars made.

I had some Sunspire chocolate and peanut butter chips, so I used those instead of the peanut butter called for in the recipe (the bambino bumped me as I was taking the picture, hence the blurriness).

I’m waiting on the melted chips to set up a bit. And I need to get myself to bed. I’m not going to want to go running if I don’t!

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11 Replies to ““Life isn’t fair, Baldrick. If it was, things like this wouldn’t happen.””

  1. I enjoy your entries, Rachel….just don’t get the time to read them real often. Which aunt gave the mixer? I don’t think it was me, was it? If it was, I’m a jinx!

  2. I love lists despite the fact they take me longer to complete than I usually anticipate (#38).

    I feel guilty about my daughter eating hot dogs too…and chips…and pretty much anything that isn’t green and doesn’t scream healthy.

    I need some help with make up…I’m 35 and still have no clue what to do with it…

    Love your list my friend!! You had me at Soft Cell.

  3. Peggy–Why thank you! And it gives you a peek into life with your nephew. ;) No, the mixer came from Marge & Cal–Mary’s sister & brother-in-law. You (and Grandma & Katey & Mary) gave us the panini maker, which is still going strong (knock on wood!).

    Ameena–I am a child of the 80’s after all! :) My son also likes to eat frozen french fries, which I also feel guilty about. And I really think that by the time you hit 35, you shouldn’t have to worry about make up any more. Kind of a privilege you earn with age, y’know? Thanks for stopping by!

    • Alas, it had a 3-year limited warranty…And I’ve been married (and using it) for 4 1/2 years. :( It’ll probably be cheaper just to buy a new one, although, like a coworker pointed out, this does give me the excuse to break down & finally buy a stand mixer, which I so desperately want!

      When I moved from Ohio to SoDak, my kitchen stuff was put away for probably a good 2 weeks, if not longer. I got SO sick of eating out all the time! How much longer until you move?

  4. Oh, that swirly topping looks so yummy! I want one, no two, make it three… oh just give me the whole batch!!!!

    • I would love to, but they’re already almost completely gone!! Every time I turn around, either my son’s asking for one, or my husband’s just putting the plastic wrap back on to cover them! I seriously think I only have 4 left…And I’ve only had 3 of them!

  5. Hey! My last day of work is next Wed then we close Thurs and take off Friday!

    Yes I KNOW we’ll be sick of eating out too, oh well. I’ll have fun grrocery shopping somewhere new when it’s time. :)

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  7. I stumbled over (literally) a 1940’s Sunbeam Mixmaster in the Tea SD yesterday. It was $19.99. Came with 2 glass bowls and assorted attachments. Here’s a photo of the mixer with its potato ricer attachment http://sibum.pair.com/daylady/sunbeam6.jpg from foodcompanycookbooks.blogspot.com