Last man standing…

I’ve been awake since sometime after 4 this morning…the bambino woke up and didn’t go back to sleep until sometime after 4:30. After tossing & turning until about 5:15, I figured I might as well get up. So I did, and bizarrely, got to work on my laundry for the day. 4 loads. And I was finished with 3 of them before noon. The last one got done after we returned from Sunday dinner with Jay’s mom & dad.

And after the laundry went into the dryer, the bambino asked to go on a walk. We’d told him last week that we’d take him back to the park, but it’s still rather murky and damp outside.

But there were cattle, which made me chuckle:

Okay, that’s a bit hard to see, but there was a single cow on top of the hill in the background. It made me laugh.

Once we got home, I puttered around for awhile, then got to work on dinner. Baked Tortellini with Bacon.

Except this time I used ravioli, instead of tortellini. It was cheaper. And just as tasty. My guys both left me before I finished.

Mealtime usually starts with me herding the bambino to the table, then cutting his meat or whatever into small enough bite for him, or buttering his bread/rolls, etc. Then I eat. Tonight, I started with a salad, and by the time I finished with that, Jay was pretty much done, and the bambino was playing with the butter knife I let him practice with. And after he decided he was finished, he got down, and I was left alone. I’ve always been a slow eater, although once the bambino was born, I got into the habit of eating faster than I would like, because I often had a small window of time to eat while he slept as an infant. I used to also be able to shower, get dressed, and do makeup & hair in 30 minutes, although I’m back to about a 45-minute process there. I’ve been trying to slow my eating down a bit more lately, which is one reason I ended up at the table solo. Whenever that happens, it makes me miss my granddad (my dad’s father). He was usually the last one done eating as well, although I was informed later that it was probably due more to him being a good host than being a slowpoke like myself.

Since the sauce is so rich with this, I opted for the salad plate & a smaller portion. And when I was done, I ate the last 3 of my truffles my mom sent. I’ve been sharing with the bambino, so I didn’t get as many as I’d’ve liked!

And with that, I think I’ll be off to bed. I’m tired from having been up for gods know how long! And tomorrow will come far too early.

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6 Replies to “Last man standing…”

  1. Yum! That looks delish! Seems like I’m always last to eat too. By the time I make everyones plate (I like do it for everyone, not sure why…) and sit down, my guys are pretty much done. I think if I would think to get their drinks and all that done first maybe I’d be able to catch them, but I never do….hahaha.

  2. Ashley–I try to get all that stuff ahead of time, too, but even after I sit down, my husband’s halfway done inhaling his plate, I still have to cut up my son’s food, and he takes about 3 bites & he’s done! Oh well! :D

    Thanks DMC! It WAS pretty good. And really easy too!

  3. I used to be a slow eater, now I’ve sped up…and I don’t like it! I seem to be constantly just blindly eating while typing (like now) and I don’t even have a kid!

    I’ve never baked tortellini or ravioli before…I actually have some frozen ones in the freezer. You’ve inspired dinner ! :D

  4. Sophia–I like baked pastas a lot–Moreso than just regular pasta dishes!

    Jenny–I’d be happy to make you dinner, if you’d bring over one of your fabulous desserts! :)