It was a George’s kind of night…All week long…

This week seriously feels like it’s never-ending. Today felt like the absolutely longest day yet…And I still have one & a half to go.

Something odd seems to have happened to me in the past 24-48 hours. It appears I have somehow bruised or cracked a rib (or two). Possible TMI Alert: Yesterday I noticed that I felt slightly bruised underneath my right boob (yes, I said boob. Breast is one of those words I just don’t like unless I’m talking about chicken.). I didn’t think anything of it while I was at work, but it got worse throughout the day, and by the time I went to bed last night, I was winded by the time I got upstairs, and it hurt taking deep breaths. It was also hard laying on my back to sleep (although I was exhausted enough after my lack of sleep over the past few days it didn’t matter). Today, I woke up still in pain and still unable to breathe deeply. Don’t worry Mom–I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Hopefully nothing is seriously wrong. I can’t figure out what I would’ve done to cause this injury–I haven’t fallen, I haven’t bumped into anything, I haven’t lifted or carried anything out of the ordinary. So I have no idea where this came from.

As a result of being in pain for most of the past 24 hours, I’ve been rather cranky. That, and the weather’s been utter crap today. Cold, dreary, and drizzling…Windy as all get-out too. And starting tomorrow, we’re supposed to get snow. Another reason I hate April. Still, this morning was kind of fun. The bambino’s daycare did a parent breakfast this morning, which was nice.

The bambino didn’t eat much of anything besides a couple sips of his orange juice, and the tiniest corners off his slice of cheese. I suspect he was showing off both because we were there, and we were sitting by his “wife.” Yes, apparently one afternoon, he & his “girlfriend” got married, then ran off to fight battle droids and later captured the Joker (yes, she’s a girl after his own heart–She loves superheros and Star Wars as much as he does!). Ah, kids. They are funny little creatures.

Jay’s been crabby lately too, and as such, he opted to buy dinner tonight:

George’s to the rescue. We had leftover meatloaf (I think), but I’m in enough pain that I wasn’t doing much of anything for dinner, outside of picking up the phone and having something delivered. We got our usual:

That’d be the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, sans onions. Because apparently, I can’t have enough buffalo sauce this week. As usual, it was perfect. And for dessert, I ate the last of my Magnum bars:

And it was worth every bite. I’m stuffed to the gills, but I don’t care. I wish my chest would stop hurting. I have a feeling I’m just going to get told to suck it up, ice the bruised area, and take a lot of ibuprofen. We’ll see tomorrow I guess!

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