“She’s a superfreak!”

I have befuddled yet another doctor at my local clinic with my random bruising. The first happened maybe 6 or 9 months ago…It was over the summer, and I had a very long, narrow winding bruise running from my wrist all the way up my arm into my armpit. I even told the doc I chalked it up to alien abduction, and then we had a 5-minute chat about Roswell, NM. Because I am that much of a geek. This doctor took some chest X-rays, and did some bloodwork. The X-rays and most of the bloodwork came out fine…There was some level of something-or-another that indicated my mystery pain may be due to some mild inflammation within my body. It’s localized and extremely tender, and I still have no idea why I hurt. So I got some prescription-strength ibuprofen and the instructions that if my shortness of breath gets worse, or the pain gets worse, I am to call her back immediately. So far, apart from some slight drowsiness thanks to the ibuprofen, I feel okay. Still in pain, but not crippling pain like I was when I was waiting on my prescription to be filled.

I didn’t realize till Jay was tossing his TV dinner in the cart that I hadn’t eaten anything since my break at 10:00 this morning. Allison mentioned going to McDonald’s for lunch and it sounded good (don’t judge).

It’s been long enough since I’ve eaten there that the food tasted kind of like cardboard.

And I find it amusing that my puddle of ketchup there is organic Muir Glen ketchup. But I ate it all, and I’m fighting the urge to go back and finish the rest of this off:

I gave Jay a bite of this, and his first words were: “I should’ve bought 2 of those so I could have my own pint!”

It looks almost like strawberry ice cream, but there are chunks of cake in it!

So tasty. And I’m really tempted to get up and finish off the rest of it!

Which I probably will do later this evening. Jay’s been extra-helpful over the past couple days, since I’ve been relatively useless thanks to my whack-job body. I swear, it really feels like everything’s fallen apart since I hit 35. I seem to have lost whatever metabolism I ever might’ve had, I’ve had 2 instances now of crazy mysterious bruising that the doctors can’t explain, I’m tired all the time…I dunno what the deal is!

And on that note, I’m off to start working on my grocery list for tomorrow. I’m debating on whether or not I want to get up super-early and go before I head into work, or if I want to put it off until Sunday morning.

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5 Replies to ““She’s a superfreak!””

  1. Ben & Jerry’s is the best. I have never in my life had ice cream as good as their Milk and Cookies flavor. I love me a cookie ice cream and that one is to die for. I can usually keep myself eating a pint over the course of a week – but that one was gone in a day!

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