“I’m having…Chest pains!”

I left that as my status on Facebook as a joke, and almost immediately, my mom demanded to know why I wasn’t feeling better. Sheesh…I know I’m not THAT old that I’m the only one who remembers those LifeLine or Life Alert commercials with Mrs. Fletcher (“I’ve fallen & I can’t get up!”) and Mr. Miller’s chest pains. As I told the doc yesterday, it seems worse in the mornings, but right now, I’m actually feeling pretty good. I originally intended to go grocery shopping right away this morning, but once I saw this, I changed my mind:

Plus, Allison said she was going to bring breakfast for us since we both worked this morning, so I wanted to get there while my food was still warm! That, and I was still moving rather stiffly, so I said I’d wait till after work, when Jay could go with me, and either corral the bambino or lift the heavy stuff for me. I had to get gas on the way to work (even though the gas station’s right across the street from the bank and I probably could’ve made it there just fine).

I didn’t even fully fill up the tank…I believe I have a 12-gallon tank, and that $40.00 got me just over 10 gallons. I wanted to croak. I’ve been budgeting $50.00/month for gas…I think we’re going to be doing a lot more walking, or doing like we did this afternoon, and running a bunch of errands all at once, as opposed to making 8 different trips 8 different time throughout the week!

Once I was done with work, I came home, relaxed for a bit, and after I realized it had been 5 hours since I’d eaten anything, I rounded up my guys and we headed out for lunch.

The Backyard Grill. Jay had gotten a gift certificate there and it was just enough for us to get some delicious lunch. Note: I almost hesitated to actually link to their website…I’m really not trying to come across as a grammar snob, but the number of typos I found made it almost painful to read. That being said, they have excellent food.

That would be the smoked chicken sandwich & hand-cut fries. Both Jay & the bambino got pulled pork, and it was rather amusing watching the bambino chow down on a sandwich that was about the size of his head.

After while, he gave up & just started hollowing out his sandwich. I was impressed by the amount of it he actually ate, even with Jay sneaking bites for himself! After we were finished eating, we headed off to the grocery store, so I could get that out of the way. I spent quite a bit:

But managed to get a bit (for once!). Melissa told me about a new product at our lovely Hy-Vee that I just had to try:

Noosa. I’ve said before I love almost everything Aussie or En-Zeder, and Melissa said that even though she knows my heart belongs to Fage, I still needed to try this. It must be good–The Noosa section was almost cleaned out. I wish I wasn’t stuffed full of smoked chicken…I really want to open it and try it out. Perhaps I’ll make it my dessert tonight, instead of eating the rest of my Red Velvet Cake ice cream.

But not surprisingly, since I’ve been out of it for over a week, I stocked up on more Fage.

I also got myself more cold cereal…It’s much less hassle in the mornings, and I do recall that Ezekiel Cereal being one that keeps me full at least until break time if not beyond.

Thanks to Foodbuzz’s Tastemakers Program, that bag of Tyson chicken was free. I have big plans for that chuck roast tomorrow that do not involve my crock pot, although pot roast & potatoes sounds really good, given the crappy weather we’re having lately!

And finally, the lowly produce. The bananas are for the bambino, since he asked for them. The salad’s mine, and the potatoes are for a couple of dishes I plan on making over the course of next week. I actually sat and worked out a menu last night, so I based my grocery list around that for the most part. I really don’t have anything else on my agenda for this afternoon, except maybe cleaning up the kitchen a bit more or maybe starting on some laundry.

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2 Replies to ““I’m having…Chest pains!””

  1. OH how CUTE! It’s the first pic of the little bambino I’ve seen. He’s adorable! I haven’t seen any of you on here though. Are any pics of you floating around??

    • If you go to one of my Nov. posts (I think it’s the one from Nov. 14th), there’s a very crappy one of me that I took after my b-day party. :) And thanks–I think your little guy is pretty cute too. I know mine would love all the Star Wars shirts yours seems to have!