Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, I-just-want-to-breathe!

I got an unexpected day off today…The bambino hasn’t been feeling well for a couple days, and this morning, he freaked out enough that Jay & I decided he shouldn’t go to daycare, and since this time around, I didn’t have anything at work going on (well, nothing that couldn’t be put off until tomorrow), I stayed home with him. We went to the doctor, and sure enough, he’s got the beginnings of some RSV, so we got a prescription for a bronchodilater, and came back home to rest. I took the opportunity to get a few things done that I’ve been putting off, like baking some bread:

I’ve been turning the heat down since it’s somewhat getting warmer lately (not today, though), and since the bathroom is the warmest room downstairs, I let my bread rise in there:

Yeah, I know, it’s a little weird, but it works. I got my latest issue of Everyday Food Magazine, and I’ve found about 8 things I need to make right now in it.

I was a little disappointed when I saw this, though:

Kale chips? Really, Martha, did you have to jump on that bandwagon? I don’t care how awesome the rest of the blogosphere thinks they are, kale chips will never cross my lips, and it’s more out of principle than whether or not kale actually tastes good.

When we went to pick up Jay from work, we popped into the store and I picked up some of these:

They’ve been used in a dessert recipe from that new issue of EDF, which I’ll post about later–The pictures I took weren’t good, so I deleted them. But I’ll just mention that it’s chocolate pound cake, and it is delicious. I got to use my new mixer, which I love. I’ll probably love it more the next time I make some mashed potatoes and I can make them in my regular cookware.

And while it’s been a good day, and I was happy to spend it with my little guy, it also sucked, because I am indeed coming down with a cold. And I hate it. My nose is raw, and I swear that if it doesn’t stop running, I will cut it off. I also wish that some of the pressure in my face would dissipate, as it feels like my face will explode at any moment. Bah! I hate colds, I really do. They’re just enough to wear you down, but not enough to completely sideline you. I took some of Jay’s zinc supplements in the hopes that I can cut my “suffering” by a couple days. We’ll see if it does any good.

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3 Replies to “Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, I-just-want-to-breathe!”

  1. Finally catching up here. :)

    So sorry you are getting sick. I HIGHLY recommend Zicam. My husband swears by it. It’s a little pricy, but very very worth it. It has zinc in it but other things too and the combination really works.

    Hope you and the little dude get to feeling better soon!!

  2. LOL.. about the kale chips! I want to try them, just to do it, but I have to agree with you! Once something hits the blogs, everyone jumps on.. like Trader Joes, Oats in a jar, chia seeds, etc! Funny~!

  3. @Ashley–I used to use Zicam a lot maybe 10 years ago, but stopped b/c it’s pricy…I might just cave & buy some more. This is the 2nd cold in a month that I’ve had, and I hate being sick!

    @DMC–I’ve jumped on many a blog bandwagon, only to be extremely disappointed! I think I’ll just let the kale chips pass me by! :D