Happy Hour & a Half-Day

I took a technology break Wednesday night…I was exhausted from not sleeping all that great Tuesday night, and after a semi-crabby day, I just felt like unplugging. And it was fabulous. Jay had had a bad day as well, so we ordered some pizza & watched “Fawlty Towers.” Oh, somedays, I wish I lacked restraint & would just rattle off whatever I wanted to people, just like Basil Fawlty. It would be so nice to do that just once without fear of repercussions or consequences.

Last night, Melissa, Katie & I went to O’Hare’s right after work, to come up with some meal ideas. One of the officers at the bank is going through a tough time, and various other departments at the bank have been taking turns providing meals for him & his family. Next week’s our turn. We settled in for some drinks right away, and I got my usual:

White Russians are my favorite adult beverage. We got some apps to snack on too:

Melissa & Katie each got something too, and we started coming up with meal ideas. It was surprisingly easy to come up with stuff, so we had a nice chat about stuff. We’re going to get together on Sunday to finish assembling everything and get it ready to deliver on Monday.

I only had to work until noon today, which was nice. The bambino & I went to have lunch–He’d requested Culver’s once again. We discovered that they no longer carry hot dogs, which is the whole reason we went there in the first place! He had to settle for a corn dog instead, which he ended up eating half of. Afterwards, we went grocery shopping.

Ah, paper products. The bambino ran out of pull-ups last night, and spent his first night in straight-up underpants. Needless to say, at 3 this morning, I was putting him in dry jammies and changing bed linens. And I don’t really think I fell back asleep afterwards, so I was especially grateful for today’s 4-hour shift.

The lone produce this week…So far anyway. I am planning on getting some frozen fruit later.

Pantry stuff. The milk chocolate chips are going to be used in an attempt to make some peanut butter eggs. I hope it turns out–I have a ton of peanut butter to use up & a fondness for peanut butter and chocolate in just about any form!

The bambino requested cheesecake for Easter dessert, so I’ll make the City of Eden Prairie Cheesecake.

Yeah, that’s a lot of pork. It’s been awhile since we’ve had pork chops (I’ve been stockpiling chicken as of late), we’re having the ham steaks for Easter dinner, and the bambino wanted sausage with breakfast on Sunday.

And now that Jay’s home, I think we’re either going to settle in for the evening, or finish running some errands, and THEN settle in for the evening!

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  1. Oh, do share what you make for coworker and how to make PB eggs! I love those – best part of Easter, even better’n Peeps!

    Happy Easter Rachel & Fam!