“Let the sun shine in…”

When I walked to work Saturday morning, the sky looked like this:

Chilly, damp and grey. This morning, though, we awoke to this:

Sunshine!!!! And it was fairly warm today, so much so that we went for a walk after I got most of the laundry finished.

And while we were out walking, I had some rolls rising, because I thought homemade dinner rolls sounded much better than just bread with dinner. I got then done, just in time to get to work on another project.

There’s a reason I don’t make candy. I found what I thought would be an easy recipe for peanut butter eggs, on Inexpensive Eating. The recipe looked simple enough that even I could make them. So I gave it a shot this afternoon.

Yeah, those don’t look like eggs, do they? At the moment they’re still in the freezer, because I’m exhausted from all the other stuff I did. I’ll cover them in chocolate tomorrow.

Once I got that mess cleaned up, I got to work on dinner. Since it’s just the 3 of us, I bought ham steaks instead of an actual ham:

And I made the usual sides:

I had to eat quickly, since Katie, Melissa & I were going shopping for the fixings for the meals for our coworker next week. I have to say, it’s fun spending other people’s money, and we got a LOT for what we had. My part (besides getting the groceries) was to make some Baked Ravioli with Meat Sauce. Another time when I’m less exhausted, I’ll post the recipe. But I need to get myself to bed. Tomorrow’s going to come far too soon!

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3 Replies to ““Let the sun shine in…””

  1. I checked out Inexpensive Eating and it looks like they rolled them into balls and then maybe flattened them? But it looks like a big job! I can’t wait to see how yours come out and taste, which is most important and I bet your boy could care less!

    • DMC–I thought about trying that, but even after 40 minutes in the fridge, the PB was still REALLY sticky (and I even upped the powdered sugar to 3/4 C, instead of just 1/2 C like the recipe called for)…I’ll see how they turn out this evening, maybe. And frankly, you’re right–Neither myself nor my son are going to care what they actually look like–As long as they taste good, I’m fine with that! :D