“Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go…”

Yes, 24 hours (give or take by now) until I’m on vacation for a couple days. I’m not planning on doing much of anything other than maybe cleaning my house (because it desperately needs to be cleaned), but it’ll be nice to have a little break. I might attempt a few more labor/time-intensive recipes while I’m home, but other than the spring cleaning, I haven’t committed to anything. I might just decide to be a complete slug for 5 days!

Last night, I got my hair cut again–Which really needed to be done. And while I’ve shied away from posting pictures of myself on the blog, Ashley wondered if there were any photos of me on here (there are, if you look, but I have them buried, which is fine with me!). I thought I would post one, even though lately, I’ve been avoiding having my picture taken because I’m not happy about all the weight I’ve put back on since I stopped Weight Watchers. I did kind of decide that May is going to be an unofficial starting over of sorts–Getting back on track with the budget, restarting trying to lose that weight, and get back into running (if our effing weather ever cooperates!). So here I am (with new hair):

And I realized after I took this photo, I look slightly nuts. I would’ve retaken the picture today, for a less-crazed look, but my hair always looks better when it’s styled right after a cut, and no matter how much I try, I can’t ever get my hair looking as good as it does whenever I leave the salon! No matter. I’m not any crazier in real life than what’s portrayed on the blog!

When I got home this evening, I decided that rather than make the Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken that I’m so fond of (and even though the bambino requested it), I was in the mood for some Salsa Chicken. It’s a recipe from the American Heart Association’s No-Fad Diet book, and it’s one that Jay & I really like. Plus, it’s easy. The recipe is in 2 parts–The first is a homemade salsa, but I’ve never made it since I have the issue with chunky salsas–I just serve it with taco sauce. The second part is the breading for the chicken. Corn meal, red pepper flakes & lemon or lime zest (which I never add in, because I almost never have lemons or limes on hand!).

I kept the red pepper flakes to a minimum, just because the bambino would complain about the spiciness. I wouldn’t have minded a little more heat, and I think it would’ve been okay with Jay too. I made some brown rice to go with it:

And usually when I do rice for the side, I make it with chicken broth, some lime juice & more cilantro. I didn’t bother with that this time. Simple water, olive oil, salt & pepper. And it was fine. I also got the idea to put the chicken on tortilla strips (because I was really in the mood for something crunchy & chip-like today), so I cut a couple tortillas into thin strips and baked them until they were really brown and crispy.

Overall, the meal was a nice success and a bit of a change from what’s become the usual chicken dish in the house! And for dessert, I had a slice of the Easter cheesecake. I’m currently sucked into watching The Voice, even though I’m only moderately familiar with 2 of the coaches (it’s hard not to know who Christina Aguilera is & I’ve at least heard of Maroon 5), and I normally don’t bother with shows like this. Still, it’s kind of fun to watch, only because I miss having music blaring when I’m online. But that’s another thing I’ll get to do while I’m on my mini-vacation!

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6 Replies to ““Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go…””

  1. You don’t look nuts, you look adorable! Happy and cute!!
    I have shied from pics too but I might have a coming out party in July as it will be one year of blogging! I can hardly believe it! Can you?

    Love the haircut!

    • Thanks DMC! Honestly, it seems like you’ve been blogging forever–But I know what you mean. That first year seems to just fly by!

  2. yay! i think you rock that haircut. i’ve tried going short before and i just don’t look right! you are very pretty and don’t look crazy at all! haha! And I can’t ever get my hair to look like it does after it’s styled. i study them, but nope, never happens.

    My son would detect if 1 single red pepper flake landed in his food. I can’t staaaaand that!!! i swear one day i’ll secretly put a habanero pepper in his food just to show him what spicy is. Not really, but can’t say its not tempting.

  3. DMC–Good of course!

    Ashley–Thanks! I haven’t had long hair since I was 14, when I got it cut even shorter than what I have now, and I refuse to let it get any longer than shoulder-length. In fact, the last time I let it get even that long was before my wedding, and soon after we got back to SoDak, I went & got it cut again!

    Funny thing–my husband grew habaneros last year & my nephew (who’s a bit of a braggart) swore up & down he loved peppers, the hotter, the better. So we thought we’d call his bluff & see if he’d eat an entire one. He called our bluff b/c not only did he eat the whole thing, but he asked for more! This year, my husband’s planning on giving him his own habanero plant to grow.

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