“My eyes feel like they’re gonna bleed…”

As of 5:00 PM yesterday, I am now officially on vacation and do not have to set foot back in the bank until Tuesday of next week. Since Jay & I probably aren’t going to be going anywhere this year, and since I have a good chunk of time I need to use up before October, I thought once tax season was done, I’d burn some time off. My day started off with a pleasantly unexpected surprise:

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to me! That was very sweet of Melissa & Judy, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that the chocolate bar is now gone, and I got myself a nicely refreshing Frappuccino when I was grocery shopping this afternoon!

To kick off my vacation, I chose to celebrate last night by us going out to dinner:

We gave the bambino the option of going there, or George’s, and he picked Guad’s. Which I was actually hoping for anyway, because I was in the mood for something cheesy & deep-fried. Enter a beef enchilada, and a beef chimichanga:

Delicious. I managed to finish my enchilada, but left about half the rice & half the chimi. I meant to bring the leftovers home for lunch today, but I forgot to ask for a box. Oh well.

As I alluded to on Tuesday, today was spent housecleaning. And this place must’ve been worse off than I thought, because I am suffering the mother of all allergy attacks right now from all the dust I kicked up. It feels like I face-planted into a field of ragweed or something. Gah! But I am pleased that at least for right now, my place went from this:

To this:

I even vacuumed upstairs–Something I haven’t done in I don’t even want to admit in how long! That’s the problem with us having a door we can shut to close off the top floor…Then I can pretend it doesn’t exist and it’s not messy. I even went so far as to vacuum the stairs. I seriously think the last time I did that was back when my dad came to visit last year. Eep!

Once I was done cleaning house, got something to eat, then got myself cleaned up, I got my grocery list together and went shopping. This was a rather huge trip, as I am going back to my $40/week budget beginning next week. I’m a little disappointed in myself, because our savings is nowhere near where I was hoping it would be after 4 months, and I’ve basically been ignoring my grocery budget for awhile now. Time to get myself back on track!

That photo is far blurrier than I would like.

I told you I had obsessions with all things En-Zeder or things that pretend to be En-Zeder.

I’m a little excited for the recipe I’m going to make with those potatoes, thanks to the latest issue of Everyday Food.

I dug out my Rao’s cookbook a couple days ago, and decided that I’m going to give their version of Gnocchi Alla Romana a shot over the weekend. Having just written that, I realize I do need to go back to the store now, as I forgot mozzarella, as well as heavy cream (for a completely different recipe). I suppose I’ll do that as soon as I drop off Jay & the bambino tomorrow!

The obligatory dairy. Lots and lots of Greek yogurt.

And some meat!

I’m going to make Orecchiette with Toasted Breadcrumbs, and I figured after years of making it with plain old ham, I might as well use actual prosciutto. I also picked this up strictly because I saw it on Graze With “Us” after Jessie went grocery shopping.

I thought it looked really good, and I really didn’t expect it to make an appearance in SoDak any time soon!

I was hoping that taking a shower after cleaning would help my allergies, but no such luck. I think I just need to sleep it off and I should be better tomorrow. Which is good as I have some baking on my agenda. Right now, I have to go get some pork chops frying for tonight’s dinner!

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3 Replies to ““My eyes feel like they’re gonna bleed…””

  1. Whatcha gonna make with the red mill??? I am buying some whole wheat flour this week and I learned on stretcher that if you add some gluten to it then it bakes up lighter!
    I need to healthify! ;-)
    Glad you are enjoying your time off! I know I do even if I am just home!

    • DMC–The semolina’s for the gnocchi. One of the recipes I have calls to make it kind of like polenta, then top it with mozzarella & serve it with marinara sauce. I’m going to give it a try for dinner tomorrow night!

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