A lazy Saturday

I’m having a hard time getting going today. Even though I’ve been on vacation per se, I haven’t been sleeping all that well. This morning, I woke up around 6:30 and laid in bed until about 7, when I heard the bambino chirping at his door. He wanted to go downstairs so I went ahead and got up with him. Even after 2 cups of coffee and a shower, I’m still feeling rather sluggish. I think it’s the weather–It’s more fall-like than spring-like, and it’s just cloudy enough that I want to take a nap. Jay & the bambino popped out to the grocery store, and while they were gone, I got started on tonight’s dinner:

This version of gnocchi is different than what most people think of as gnocchi. For one, this version is prepared more like polenta. And once it’s cut out, the gnocchi are topped with mozzarella & broiled for a few minutes, instead of being boiled like more traditional pasta. I’ve been wanting to make this dish ever since I swiped the Rao’s Cookbook from my mom (I forgot where she got it, but she intended it to be a gift for my uncle, who’s a chef; my sister Kendra & I decided we wanted it for ourselves), although I’ve never gotten around to buying semolina. Or if I have, it’s been ages since I’ve had any around.

At the moment, the gnocchi is chilling on the counter. It’s cool enough outside & since we’ve turned the heat off for the foreseeable future, I figure it’ll be fine if I leave out for a few hours. I’ll still have to slice up some mozzarella and heat up the Amy’s Marinara. I love that stuff! I do kind of wish I had some bread to go along with it but lord knows I don’t need it.

After I got that done and got showered we popped out so I could pick up a few things baking-related. Even though I’m still sitting on about 20 tartlets, I feel the need to make cupcakes either tomorrow or Monday. Once we were done with that, we stopped at Nick’s to get a bag of burgers. As usual, they hit the spot.

And while we were out, I got my Buddy Poppy for this year.

I felt bad turning one down yesterday when I was at the grocery store, but I didn’t have any cash on me! So I made sure to pick one up today.

Jay & the bambino settled in to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, while I sat around surfing the web (and actually, they’re still watching it). While I feel like I could take a nap, instead, I popped out for some java:

An almond latte to be exact. And because Choco Latte also does plenty of homemade candies & other goodies, I picked up a cake pop to share with the bambino when I got back:

I don’t know if it’s because they’re fresher or what, but this cake pop was a LOT better than the couple I’ve tried from Starbucks. After I took a bite, I almost didn’t want to share it with the bambino!

And now that it appears my latte is kicking in, I have some laundry I should probably go and fold!

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3 Replies to “A lazy Saturday”

  1. Weekends are made for us lazy folk. As are weekdays but we seem mire normal when we reserve it for weekends.

    I remember seeing 2001 when I was in third grade and it fave me weird dreams. But your bambino has more sense than I do even now. Plus, I’m a pussy. ET gave me nightmares.

    Sorry about the laundry folding that lies ahead of you. I totally don’t envy you.

    • I figure I bust my ass enough when I’m at work, I’m allowed a couple days of being a fat pile of nothing!

      I’ve never seen all of 2001, but what I have seen I find rather creepy. I don’t think I need to sit through the whole thing!

      And not surprisingly, I haven’t yet folded the laundry. I might just leave it till tomorrow.