“Vacation had to get away…”

My last day, home alone, and away from work. I spent the day doing laundry and some cooking. I’d debating on just getting some bread at the store this morning, then realized I’d be better off just making my own. So I did:

I remembered thinking how much I enjoy baking bread by hand. I did use the dough hooks to mix the dough initially, but the rest of the kneading, I did by hand.

I also hopped on the elliptical for a full 30 minutes–Something I haven’t done in eons. I usually wimp out and just do 20 minutes, and frankly, 20 minutes isn’t going to help me drop 30-35 lbs. But I did some intervals, although I matched those more to the playlist I had on iTunes (as in, whenever a song with a faster beat popped up, I upped the resistance and pushed myself to go faster than my normal pace). I certainly felt it towards the end, because in the last 2 minutes all I wanted to do was get off the machine and stretch out my legs. Right now I’m planning on doing it again tomorrow, but we’ll see.

After I got done with that, and my shower, I started thinking about lunch. For some reason, I was wanting more bacon-wrapped chicken and although we have about 4 slices of bacon left over, I didn’t feel like just frying that up. Then I started thinking about cheddar-bacon potato skins, and suddenly remembered that I had some bacon pieces leftover, and took a gamble that I still had some cheddar cheese. And I knew I had plenty of potatoes left from last night. So I made myself a deliciously (unhealthy) meal:

Just like eating the potato skins at Friday’s, which I used to get ALL the time in high school.

Bacon-y, cheddar-y perfection. I did have to fight cravings for a big bowl of ice cream right after that, but I figured I’d save it until after dinner. In the meantime, I got the bread baked:

And while that cooled a bit, I finished putting all the last of the laundry away. Then I got to work on tonight’s dinner:

Orecchiette with Toasted Breadcrumbs. Until fairly recently, I haven’t been able to find orecchiette here in Brookings. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it while Melissa, Katie & I were shopping a couple weeks ago! Naturally, I had to pick some up.

I also like the fact that this makes a ton of pasta, because it means lunch for 3 days for me, and 2 days for Jay. I think tomorrow we’re going to try firing up the grill, but they’ve apparently changed the weather since I last checked it, and the 65° I thought we were having tomorrow isn’t coming along until Wednesday, and it’s bringing a chance of thunderstorms with it. I tell ya, I’m getting a little tired of wearing a coat, and keeping the heat on.

And I suppose I should get myself to bed, especially if I’m going to get up and work out in the morning. And I should be well-rested for my first day back at work!

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