Yesterday was nice & sunny, albeit not quite as warm as I was hoping.

We made an attempt at grilling, but we had old winterized charcoal, so it didn’t work out. The bambino had some fun playing outside for a little while:

I was going to grill some steaks, but I ended up just broiling them instead.

I had a lunch meeting at the Pheasant this afternoon. Instead of a burger or chicken strips, this time I got myself the French Dip sandwich:

And boy was it good! I was hungry enough that I ate almost the whole thing, but I also knew we were going to hit Starbucks afterwards, so I wanted to leave some room for my coffee.

For some reason, I’ve been sleeping horribly the past couple nights…Well, I guess since I was on vacation, I’ve kind of been having some issues with lack of sleep. It wasn’t that bad when I could be lazy and not do much of anything. But being at work is difficult when all you want to do is stretch out in bed and actually SLEEP. For the past 2 nights/early mornings, I’ve woken up at 3:30, once due to the bambino, last night/the morning, due to random bad luck. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, and I’ve not gotten up to work out as I planned. Which is kind of a bummer. I’m praying for uninterrupted sleep tonight, in the hopes that I’ll feel energized enough to drag myself out of bed & hit the elliptical before work tomorrow.

But because of said exhaustion, I made the ultimate cop-out where dinner was concerned…Well, the ultimate cop-out would’ve been to order pizza, but since we’re trying to save money, we ate at home.

Hot dogs & french fries. Ballpark Franks–Bun-sized. It’s a good thing this isn’t a healthy-living or lifestyle blog–All the healthy big bloggers would probably crap kittens at the fact that these weren’t organic, nitrate/nitrite-free humanely-processed hot dogs. Nope. Corn syrup-filled pieces-parts. And you know what? Popped under the broiler for about 10 minutes, they were delicious. And if we hadn’t only had 4 left, I’d’ve eaten 2 (I let Jay have 2 instead). For dessert, I made myself a bowl of ice cream with Hershey’s syrup:

That too hit the spot.

After Jay & the bambino picked me up from work, we stopped by the farmers market, which started up again this afternoon. I got some ground beef patties from Cliff, and I stuck to my $10 limit. Which leaves me $30 to spend at the grocery store this weekend. Woo-hoo. It’s a good thing we don’t need a whole lot.

And now I need to go and ready the coffeemaker. Tomorrow will come way too soon!

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