It’s finally the weekend!

It’s funny how a shortened work week can seem ultra-long and tedious. Most of my duties are cyclical in nature, and I usually clear my schedule during the second week of the month for our statements. And they showed up this afternoon right around 3. Luckily I’ve now been doing them long enough that the monthly statements don’t take me all that long at all. 2 hours, with multiple interruptions and I was finished. While I was finishing the last set, Jay & the bambino came in to get me, and brought me these:

My favorite flower is the sunflower, but these roses are just beautiful! And according to Jay, the bambino picked these out all by himself. He also picked out my card:

And when I opened it, I started crying:

Jay obviously wrote the “from,” and he told me that he wrote the “M”s, but all the rest was the bambino. They also got me another gift:

Since I’m going shopping in Sioux Falls on Sunday (I need to find something to wear to the bank’s gala next Friday night), I might make use of this for treats on the way down. Or I might just save it until the next time I need coffee beans!

Since we’re cutting way back on groceries for a bit, and we were out of both TP and napkins, I swung through Family Dollar since it’s closer to our house than Dollar Tree. I have to say, I think they’re a bit of a rip-off. I managed to find my $1 items though:

(I have a feeling I’m going to regret this particular purchase)

And because we’re on said tight budget, we made use of what we had here at the house, even though I desperately wanted to just order pizza. I made open-faced cheeseburgers:

And some fries:

And the bambino & I had some applesauce:

And now I’ve got to work on my miniscule grocery list for tomorrow. I’m really not getting a whole lot–In fact, I’m only taking $20 in cash!

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7 Replies to “It’s finally the weekend!”

  1. What sweet gifts you received! And your little boy writing his own name—it made me cry too. I can just see him concentrating so hard on making it look good for his Mommy. (Is there anything sweeter??)
    Happy Early Mother’s Day!

    • Stacie–I know! My husband had me convinced I wasn’t getting anything for Mother’s Day until sometime next week–His plan worked a little too well, because I was really mad! He & my son made up for it in a big way, and they’re taking me out for dinner tomorrow night too! :) I’m a very lucky gal! Happy Early Mother’s Day to you too!

  2. So sweet!!! He’s doing GREAT with his name! I’m proud of him–and of my brother! :) Mikey’s name only recently became decipherable, and it is so precious. Happy, happy Mother’s Day weekend to you!

    • Inga–Yeah, my guys did good. It’s awesome when they start writing, isn’t it? I’ve already tucked that card away for safe-keeping. :) Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!

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